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Winter is Coming

A mysterious cold spell has swept across the archipelago, and ice now covers all islands in the Northern region of the map!

What does this mean for Winterfell and the Stoic Starks?

Will we have Xmas trees growing in the North?

Will Ned keep his head in this version???


All questions should be answered soon! Stay Posted!!» read the rest!

Level 22 Resource Base Attack Guide with Commander BobbyTrap

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Resource Base Strategy

Congratulations to BobbyTrap for being selected as the our first submitted Offense Boot Camp Base Review!

At First Glance:

My first observation is that this base is symmetric. That is a good general idea in my book (for the base owner). This means that one side of the base will not be significantly stronger or weaker than the other side. For us attackers though, it means that we might be able to attack from one side and pick off weapons and not have to touch the other side.

General Strategy:

Unfortunately, we are unsure of BobbyTrap’s HQ level so we can’t ascertain if he has tanks or not so I will be writing a With Tanks and Without Tanks version of this guide.

With Tanks:

Assuming the invading force has tanks unlocked, he should proceed by taking at least one cannon out before invading. Note that the top-most Cannon / Mortar are close enough to take them both out with an Artillery shell.» read the rest!

Level 24 Base Defense Guide with Commander BeruzeStro

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Congratulations to Commander BeruzeStro for being chosen as our first user submitted base review!

At first glance:

This would be a base I would be interested in attacking. Aside from the higher level of weaponry for the HQ level, the base setup actually lends itself to a sweeping assault.

By having all of the weapons on one side and all of the support buildings on the other, you leave your support buildings unprotected and ripe for the picking. This will provide the invading troops with a lot of extra energy to win the assault with.

Proposed Changes:

The obvious change here would be to rearrange the base and protect the support buildings to some extent. By putting your base in the middle, we can cover many more buildings by our weapons.

Another advantage of a base setup like this is that now the invading army has to go through some of these buildings while being attacked. Effectively buying the defending base time to weaken the invading army.» read the rest!


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Shock Bomb

Today, Supercell graced us with some previews of updates to come in the near future. The first of which was THE SHOCK LAUNCHER

Tired of getting overrun by legions of Warriors?!? Well here is your chance to defend your title and your homeland while sticking it straight to the man! With the Shock Launcher, not one more Warrior will ever touch your HQ!

While this newfangled Shock Launcher is convenient for some folks, I never saw anything wrong with the Warrior assault. It had it’s ups and downs and if you knew how to defend against it, you’d be able to survive. Now I fear if this Shock Launcher is not done right, we shall never see another all Warrior raid again!

We shall just have to wait, pray and see what happens…

P.S. If you have any inside information or theories on the nature of the Shock Launcher, send us a line at!» read the rest!

Level 27 Base Attack Guide with Commander X1202X

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Big thanks to X1202X for letting us do a breakdown on his base!

Level 27 Base Attack Strategy

First Glance:

The first thing I notice when examining this base is that he clearly does not want us going up the left side. He’s made this clear with the exorbitant number of mines blocking the way. This is not a problem though, as I believe the shortest route to the HQ to usually be the best.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tanks
  • Heavy/Zooka/Rifleman
  • Warriors
General Strategy:

As I’ll be heading up the right side, the first thing that I’m going to concern myself with is the two cannons. Unfortunately for us , they are not really close enough to take out with one artillery volley or a barrage, so we will be shock bombing them into submission. After the cannons are taken care of, the idea is to progress into the weapons only far enough so that we can use a flare and retreat back to take out the HQ in peace.» read the rest!