Unorthodox Tank Strategy: Smoke Tanks!

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By Commander Rik

Boom Beach HQ Smoke Tank Strategy

Bet you haven’t tried this!

So we all know about the typical setups using Smoke and Zookas to take down those higher level Operation bases. As for myself, I enjoy trying to attack bases in a different way than the usual crowd. My Warriors are low level and let’s be honest, I just like Tanks. I mean who doesn’t? And the reason I like Smoke and Tanks is because if you can maneuver those lumbering monstrosities around the enemies anti-tank defenses, you’ll be home free!

Now keep in mind if your going to try this setup you need to have more than just the troops to make it work, but I suggest that no matter what level Tanks and Smokes you have that you try it out yourself!

Strategy Requirements
Boom Beach HQ Smoke Tank Strategy

To execute this strategy, you need a few things.

  1. Tanks and Smokes! Now if your not high enough level in the game then use what you have to create your own fun setups!
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Boom Beach HQ Top Upgrades
Top 5 Ways to Save Up for Expensive Upgrades

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Boom Beach Expensive Top 5 Ways to Save for Upgrades
Boom Beach Expensive Top 5 Ways to Save for Upgrades

By Commander Febriajie

When it comes to getting resources, everyone would probably tell you the best way to do it is to raid frequently. But here’s the thing, the more you raid, the higher Victory Points you get, the more difficult the enemy is. Plus, there’s only a limited number of bases available on your map at any given time. So you need to think of a strategy to not only win more, but also save more.

Here are my Top 5 tips on how to do that:

5) Keep Calm & Redesign Your Base

Redesigning your base layout takes a bit of time investment, but it is the most basic thing that you must do in order to keep your resources safe. To make it easy for you, go visit those Top player bases, find one that you like, take a screenshot of it and copy the layout. Nothing beats enjoying a good cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon while editing your base :)

4) Ops, Ops and Away

One thing you should know, Ops rewards are based on the Task Force (TF) performance as a whole (not by your individual performance).» read the rest!

Boom Beach HQ Guides and Wiki
Holy Toledo, we’ve got some writers inbound!

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Thank you everyone who answered the call for writers!

These past few days we’ve read over 200 applications from players far and wide. It was a difficult decision picking the top writers as all of you brought something interesting and fun to the table!

However, for now we could only accept a fraction of those as finalists! If you didn’t receive a response, don’t worry – there may be an opportunity in the future!

As for the finalists, congratulations!

Guides and articles written by them will be posted in the coming days so look forward to it!» read the rest!

Updates around the corner!

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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the official Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen some of the new content coming out with the next patch!

Haven’t kept up? No worries! Here’s a quick summary. Source by Commander moodi989

Prototype Weapons! | Powerful, Dangerous, Combustible?
Boom Beach Wiki New Prototype Defenses
Those eggheads over at R&D are really outdoing themselves this week! We’ll be getting our hands on some of those “experimental” materials that ol’ creep Dr. Terror’s been using, and making our own super weapons! Mwahahaha!


In the most responsible way of course.

They’re a little unstable and may, ah what’s the word… explode. But what we know about them is the following.

Weapon Lab

  • There’s a New Building called the “Weapon Lab”
  • The weapon lab is available at HQ 15 and allows you to build “Prototype defense weapons”.
  • Uses new items called “Prototype modules” to build the weapons, which drops in attacks or in the Hammerman Strikes Back event.
  • Prototype modules come in 4 flavors: Critical Fuse, Complex Gear, Power Rod, and Field Capacitor.

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Benefits of Resource Bases

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Alright Commanders, we’re talking resources today!

And more specifically one of the backbones of our supply line, Resource Bases!

Now if you are an attack oriented commander and haven’t invested in your defenses or economy, this may not be the article for you as you won’t get the full benefits of resource bases and are likely to lose the bases to much higher level opponents.

However, if you like successfully defending your base, investing in your economy, prefer a slower more passive progression, and/or have Life or Ice statues, here are some facts about Resource Bases that might peak your interest.

Boom Beach Outpost Resource Base
  1. Resource Bases can easily outstrip your main base’s resource production. A handful of resource bases can equal your main bases resource production and several more than that can produce 2 to 4 times your main base’s production.
  2. Resource Bases also provide a stockpile of unlootable resources. This amount can equal 20-21 times your total resource base production.
  3. Resource Bases benefit from Life statue bonuses.
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