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Resource Base Attack Guide

Welcome to the Resource Base Attack Guide

This is where I will be discussing general strategy when it comes to attacking resource bases. As you know, Resource Bases are a huge staple of your daily income (or should be) of wood, stone and Iron. If you give up on a resource base, you are giving up on a cash cow that will pay in dividends very quickly. Every time the resource base changes hands, the weapons (and resource collector) levels up. Therefore, a level 29 wood resource base will produce significantly more wood than a level 9 resource base.

Commander RoguePraetorian was kind enough to appear on my map.

First Glance:

Knowing the cards in my hand (referencing the troop composition guide) I immediately take note of the fact that this base has zero cannons. That being said, I’d be most happy to attack this base with a squadron of Tanks. The snipers are still not to be taken very lightly, but they will not tear apart tanks like a cannon will.

Alternatively, the worst composition for this assault would be the All Rifleman Blitz. They would most definitely get obliterated by the rocket launcher / machine gun / mortar combo.

With Current Troop Composition:

As you can see, I have 6 heavies, 12 Zookas, and 25 Riflemen (if my boat was done loading the Riflemen). This would be a costly invasion on my part. I would have to immediately take out the rocket launcher with my artillery. After that, I would be unleashing my troops on the right side, hoping to minimize sniper tower overlap as much as possible. Once the weapons were engaged, I’d try to use as many shock bombs as I could while sparingly using medkits to keep my troops alive.

With Tanks:

This assault would be much more cost effective. I’d take out the Rocket Launcher first with a combination of Artillery and Barrage. Following that with unleashing my tanks almost directly on the Sawmill. I want to get rid of those sniper towers as soon as possible before they can do too much harm to my tanks. Everything else wouldn’t be able to do too much to the thick armor and gratuitous health of a tank.