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By Commander ZeeMan1023

Hello everyone! This article is focused on strategies for higher level Boomers but everyone can learn something! Have you ever had a hard time beating the NPC base “Rocket Rain”? If so, here are some tips for you!

All About The Base

Rocket Rain is a common NPC base in the 550-600 victory point range. Consisting of 6 Rocket Launchers, 3 Boom Cannons, 2 Cannons, 4 Machine Guns, and a single Flame Thrower, 2 Boom Mines and 12 Mines. Rocket Rain gives many of my teammates problems with the heavy fire taken from this mass of defenses. Today we’ll learn how to beat this monster of a base and not even lose a single heavy!

Boom Beach Rocket Rain Base
Strategy Time

Rocket Rain requires a Heavy / Zooka (HZ) rush to beat efficiently. I load up 4 boats of Heavys and 4 boats of Zookas to take it out. Before landing, one Cannon and one Boom Cannon have to go! Drop a Barrage on the Cannon and Boom Cannon, and an Artillery on each of the Boom Mines as shown in the picture.

Boom Beach Rocket Rain Base

Speedy Landing

Now is when you have to be quick! Drop your 4 boats of Heavys on to the beach, spreading them nicely across the front to create a shield. Next, quickly drop all of your Zookas near the middle of the beach. Be fast, Commander! Your next step is to shock the Cannon and remaining Boom Cannons with a Shock Bomb placed right in the middle (bonus points if you can get a Machine Gun shocked as well)!

Nearly There!
If you have successfully shocked all of the remaining single-shot buildings, you are probably looking at a flawless win! But the battle isn’t over yet! Finish the attack with another shock to the Cannon/Boom Cannon combo, and if you have any extra Gun Boat Energy (GBE), place a shock on whatever rockets you can manage (usually you can get two with one Shock).
Congrats, Commander! A flawless victory! Now you can go to sleep tonight knowing a Heavys life was saved from the vicious Rockets! Well done!

Boom Beach Rocket Rain Base

Til next time, Boomers!
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