“Burn baby, burn!”
Boom Beach Scorcher Tank Strategy
Just when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger, the Scorcher arrives on the scene! Dr. Terror wasn’t the only one tinkering with some big guns!

With its powerful flamethrower and thick armor, the Scorcher is the latest and greatest war machine built to fight the Blackguard! Due to its enormous girth and size, the Scorcher takes up an entire landing craft and takes extra energy to land on the beach. Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Boom Mines are conventional counters to Tanks, but the Scorcher knows how to take a hit.

General Strategy:
  • Unlocked at HQ18
  • With the highest health in the game, the Scorcher sits at 25k hp at level 1.
  • The Scorcher has a very short range, similar to a Heavy’s, and uses its flamethrower to set its target ablaze. The flamethrower also does AOE damage to targets behind its initial target and deals damage over time to buildings set on fire.
  • While powerful, the Scorcher has a very short range and can be whittled down slowly if surrounded by too many single target buildings. Destroying any Cannons and Boom Cannons that will be able to fire upon them can prolong their burning rampage.
  • It costs 12 energy to land deploy a tank, so careful consideration of energy usage is necessary when deploying them.
  • Removing defenses like Cannons and Boom Cannons with your initial troops and energy can help provide additional energy to deploy the Scorcher and clear out dangerous obstacles for it.
  • Losing a scorcher will be a significant blow to your forces and gold as their training takes hours and costs an arm and a leg to replace.
  • Slightly faster than their slimmer cousins, the Tanks, Scorchers can stay ahead of Zookas and Tanks but positioning them around the map can be very costly on flares. However, because they are so slow, you can basically manage faster troops independently of the Scorchers.
  • Zookas or Riflemen pair well with Scorchers as the Scorcher can absorb all the surrounding damage similar to a heavy while the troops behind it deal major damage to the surrounding buildings.
  • Medics might also pair well with Scorchers as they will mitigate damage and help Scorchers survive inevitable barrage.
Video Guides:
Scorchers and Medics/Tanks

by Boom Beach General!

Scorchers + Zookas/Grenadiers/Tanks

by Boom Beach General!

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Boom Beach Heavy Range
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Unit Upgrades
Level Hitpoints DPS Additional Burn Dmg Training Cost Research Cost Research Time Armory Level Required
1 25,000 350 1,050 25,000
2 26,800 385 1,155 30,000 5,400,000 4d10h 18
3 28,600 424 1,272 35,000 5,900,000 4d10h 18
4 30,600 466 1,398 40,000 6,500,000 4d16h 19
5 32,800 512 1,536 45,000 7,100,000 4d16h 19
6 35,000 564 1,692 50,000 7,200,000 4d16h 19
7 37,500 620 1,860 55,000 7,600,000 4d19h 20
8 40,000 682 2,046 60,000 8,000,000 4d19h 20