Commander’s Journal – The Mortar

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Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. Up on the roster Mortar, a slow-arming but much needed area attack defense.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach  Mortar
Unlocked at HQ Level 3
Attack Range
Boom Beach HQ Wiki Mortar Range

Offensive Application

Opposing Mortars start showing up in enemy bases at the way beginning of your command, and can be a problem for early-on full Riflemen assaults. Later in the game they mostly act as a movement deterrent – a base structure that can be easily countered but require you to spend Gunboat energy to evade or approach an enemy base from a forced angle.

How to fight against Mortars:

  • Mortars reload extremely slowly. Use this fact to move your troops either into their blindspots or evade them entirely. Be careful when using Flares – we recommend you zoom in your view to the farthest level to make sure you tap on the ground just before the Mortar, and not on it.
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Update! The Freezing Menace and More!

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Holy pot-stickers has there been an update!

New units, new buildings, new maps, and all sorts of things you might not have seen coming!

See What’s New Below!

New Support Unit! | Submarine
Boom Beach Submarine Update

That’s right folks, a yellow submarine. You’ll be digging up treasure like a Beatle in no time! Now about that gig…

  • Starting at HQ 9, you can discover treasures with the submarine by finding dive locations on your map.
  • Treasures can include resources, diamonds, and even powerstones!
  • Dive locations appear randomly and each dive location will give you several treasures to choose from.
  • Dives cost a lot of gold, but the rewards are well worth it!
  • Tip: You cannot recover all the treasure from a dive location, so pick your targets wisely!
  • Tip: Upgrading the submarine allows for deeper dives and greater rewards
  • Tip: You need Radar level 7+ to find dive sites!
  • Official Post Here
New Defense Building! | Shock Launcher
Boom Beach Shock Launcher Update

The Shock Launcher is a POWERFUL new defense building which will significantly change the way battles are fought!

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