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By mxpigg

Having a powerful task force is an awesome way to progress through your campaign! Being in a team in which you plow through operations and sail in hefty amounts of loot adds a competitive tone to Boom Beach. Here are some ways you can manage your dream task force (whether you’re a leader, officer, or member) And leave a trail of victory!

Being a Leader

Being a leader of a task force can be a great responsibility in that people have to follow YOUR rules, YOUR way. It’s pretty simple to get started. The main goals for task forces are to earn enough intel for the desired operation and make sure that operation is DESTROYED. Once you have your task force set up and have a decent amount of members, as a leader, it is very important to keep track of everyone’s participation.

One way of doing this is by creating a daily list. By creating a daily list, you can accurately know not only who is participating, but precisely how they are helping your task force grow.

  • Simply write everyone’s name down
  • Record how much intel they have earned and how many force points they gained in an operation (if they attacked).
  • And just taking a couple minutes out of your day to do this, it is much easier and less stressful to manage your task force. You will see the benefits come as your task force grows!

Being an Officer

As an Officer, you are more or less of a role model to the rest of the members in your task force. Members tend to put in as much effort as their leader and officers do, for the most part. Having this in mind, it is a good challenge to try to out-preform your leader so that there is some fun, friendly competition that inevitably leads to your task force’s success!

Being a Member

No matter what your rank, it is always best to put in as much effort as you can towards your task force. Being a member can be the most relaxing because there is no accountability and responsibility.

Every member has a huge effect on the outcome of their task force, however, no matter what their level.

Everyone has about the same chance to earn intel when successfully attacking enemy bases, and even taking down one building in operations can really help out. Officers and Leaders can’t be the only people carrying the task force!

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A Matured Task Force

Once you have your task force rolling at the pace at which its manageable, there are still some things to consider.

  • Do operations daily
  • Record the average amount of intel your task force gains
  • Boot inactive players
  • Have a message board that briefly explains your rules and most importantly welcome players if recruiting
  • Don’t have too high of a victory point requirement
  • Always try to toss advise around amongst your task force
  • Supercede all of your fellow task force members and contribute the most!
Some other tips:

Doing operations daily is extremely important for participation. Having a specified time in which you do operations is also advised, as is making an organized schedule that is convenient for everyone.

Recording the average amount of intel is easy-simply add up all the intel your task force has gained for the week and divide that amount by the number of members you have, then round if necessary.

(ex.) 45 members 218 intel = 218/45 = 4.84 = 5 intel

If anyone has less than this amount, they aren’t earning as much intel as everyone else. This is an easy way to identify inactive players.

If you are looking for people to join your task force, don’t be too picky! Low victory point players can still impact your task force in a positive way.

As insignificant as it might seem, it actually makes a big difference to communicate among your task force members. Don’t be shy!

Breaking the ice in your task force will help your members be more comfortable and enjoy the environment better.

Task forces that barely have any communication will find that people are going to join and leave once they feel it is too awkward and dormant. People that look to join task forces want to have fun and feel like they’re in a team. Give them that feeling, and welcome them!

The more everyone contributes to the task force, the more fun it will be, without saying. The feeling of being one of the highest contributing members is pure awesomeness, and your task force members will recognize you as an awesome commander! Boom on and GOOD LUCK!