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Task Force Operations Boom Beach Multiplayer Boom Beach Headquarters Wiki

More spoilers on Boom Beach Task Forces have been released, and here’s what’s new!

  • The new multiplayer map shows industrialized, coastal cities and islands that will be the new setting for the Task Force Operations.
  • Operations consist of multiple bases. For example Operation Milkforce, the first operation, has 2 bases that need to fall in order to complete the operation. Bases defenses are similar to Dr. Terror stages on a much larger scale, and the bases can even have defensive boosting statues to make things harder!
  • Rewards are transported via boat to each player after successfully completing the entire operation. Example rewards for the easiest operation (20 intel, 2 Bases, size 50): 2 Diamonds, 169,800 Gold, 75,900 Stone for each member of the Task Force.
  • Damage a player inflicts on an Operation base is permanent and can make the attack by the next player easier!
  • As a Task Force, you collect Intel and Force Points. The Intel is used as a resource in order to start “operations” to attack the bases on the multiplayer map while Force Points are awarded depending on the efficiency of your attacks. Higher level bases require more Intel but also reward more resources and Force Points.
  • Each member of a Task Force can gather Intel independently that contributes to the total Intel of the Task Force. Intel is gathered from attacking NPC and player bases on the regular map and 1 Intel is awarded by chance at 25% for NPC bases and 50% for player bases (like power stones, but at a much higher rate). You can also gain Intel from successful base defenses as well similar to how diamonds are earned.
  • Power Base Boom Beach Headquarters Instead of an HQ, Operations seek to destroy a Power Base on each level.

    Damage dealt to the Power Base carries over between battles, meaning that you and your compatriots can work together to bring it down over several attacks.

  • Task Forces are awarded 1 Force Point for destroying a building. Blowing up the Power Core is similar to blowing up the HQ and starts a reaction that destroys the whole base. However, this also hints at the fact that you might not be able to destroy the power core in time even after several operations.
  • Force Points measure how effective your Task Force is in the destroying the Blackguard bases and determine your Task Force’s ranking on the leaderboard. The amount of Force Points that can be earned decreases by 1% daily.
  • Each player of a Task Force can only attack each Operation once, so coordination is necessary to do the most damage to each base and earn the most Force Points.
  • Also included with the patch is a rework of Gunboat weapons which will now display timers when launched so it is visible how long the effect will last (e.g. Flares, Smoke Screens, Shock Bombs). From a tactics standpoint, this is a huge addition as it helps carefully plan your weapon and energy usage more effectively.

TL;DR? Here’s a video by Molt!

Aside from what has been directly stated, we can also draw a couple more conclusions from the hints provided.

  • We can expect the Task Force Operations to last multiple days since people will need to coordinate their efforts to bring down the Power Base over several attacks. Edit: Operations can only last 24 hours!
  • Boom Beach is rewarding more coordinated and efficient attacks as in addition to the limited Intel that can be gathered over a couple days, the number of attacks the members can make on an Operation is also limited. Thus, they are also providing tools to facilitate this coordination through the Task Force Chat as well as improved Gunboat timers to improve individual battle tactics.
  • The missions can be huge and on scale much larger than any map we’ve seen so far since it may take attacks by 5, 10, 20 or even 50 members to bring down a base. While it seems greater rewards go to Task Forces who use their attacks more efficiently than that, the possibility that a base takes the combined effort of 20+ members makes me think that these may be some incredible bases.

That’s it for now, but look forward to more updates from us on Task Forces and Operations as more details are revealed this week!