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By Commander sYnOnYmOus

Insights from a member turned leader on how to operate and participate in a successful task force

Tag Team Attacks

The sound of machine guns firing from all direction, mortars dropping from the sky like hail, the thunderous boom from the canons, the shock to the bones from the shock launchers, and the relentless assault from the rockets.

Across my news feed, Jonny Danger writes “I can’t believe I took out Quantum, bro, my heart was racing. That was FUN!”

Indeed it was. Once a day, we all come together like brothers and sisters and battle the beast we all know as the Task Force Operation. One by one, we take turn and fight like a tag team wrestling match. At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we either cheer and congratulate each other or encourage each other and remind one another that tomorrow is another day.

Intimidating Factor

It is intimidating, even for the advanced players, to step on a base with maxed out rockets and shocks firing from all direction, and all you can do is hope that you can last another few seconds to take out that pesky rocket. So scary, in fact, that many TF members just avoid going into the operations altogether.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a task force operation, include strong troops, strength of the operation and willingness to participate from the members. However, the most important factor is strong communication.

Effective communication of the leaders

As a leader or officer, you should communicate with your task force daily.

Make an effort to check out your members’ bases and let them know how they can get stronger, and help them avoid the mistakes that you made.

Encourage and congratulate them after the operation, even if they fail. This will keep them from being discouraged from participating.

Most importantly, keep a strong line of communication. Sometimes it might be a comment non-related to Boom Beach, but by responding and showing interest, you are building loyalty among your troops.

Understanding your role as a member

Whether you are strong or weak, level 13 HQ or level 20, your contribution is always appreciated by your leaders…always. Even if you take out one defense, it’s better than not engaging at all. Some leaders won’t say anything, but rest assured, they see your contribution.

Everyone wants to be rewarded, either from a simple compliment or an ultimate reward in a promotion. But, don’t worry about either. If you just simply engage in the daily operations, the reward will come some day.

To boost your chance of getting a promotion, gather intels! Some leaders and officers are peeking at each member’s intels on a daily basis to see who is active and who is not. Trust me on this. Be consistent on a weekly basis with intel collection and operation engagement, upgrade your base and get stronger, and good things will happen.

Camaraderie with your Task Force
In four minutes, we get to experience the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and the camaraderie of a task force fraternity. Keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to take out an entire base on your own. Develop a strategy with your TF so that each person does their part and the next person can get closer to destroying the base.

Be heard in the chat column, make friends and have fun!

– Commander sYnOnYmOus