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Greetings, new Commanders! We here at Boom Beach HQ are very excited about the recent release of Boom Beach on Android!! That’s why this week, we will be focusing on helping you start off on the right foot!

  1. Building Placement: Don’t place your buildings adjacent to each other. If you’ve played Clash of Clans you might be used to placing all of your buildings and walls next to each other. Boom Beach does not work like this. With the use of Artillery your enemies can wreak havoc on your buildings that touch. This gives your enemies a massive leg up if they can use three rounds and take out two buildings (getting twice as much energy back from the attack) instead of one!
  2. Using the Gunboat: This might seem extremely trivial to players that have been playing for more than one day, but Gunboat energy starts new at every attack. This means that there is no penalty to not using it. AKA: BOMBS AWAY! It’s really useful! =)
  3. The Trees: Trees are very important, especially in early game. There are a few things that you might want to know about them that the trees might not want you to know: Trees can be cut down! This costs Gold and yields Wood! (and who doesn’t want Wood??) Also, troops can run through trees with the help of a Flare. This means that putting your HQ in the back of your base against the trees isn’t as safe as you might first guess. After unlocking the Flare upgrade for the Gunboat, invaders can avoid all of your defenses and go for you exposed HQ very easily!
  4. DIAMONDS: Use Diamonds!, especially in the beginning. Boom Beach is a fantastic game but for all games that you’ll spend a long time playing, the first few hours can be tedious. The use of diamonds will help you pass that stage very quickly and there is nothing to fear, because you get plenty of free diamonds through the game! There are also really cool websites and contests that give out Free Diamonds 😉
  5. Resources: Upgrade your collectors ASAP. If you’re sitting down and you want to play Boom Beach and you’re just starting out, the worst feeling is being resource capped!! You want to be able to keep your hard earned gold, don’t you?? Use your gold to explore the map and unlock new areas, and then upgrade something every time you can! Having less you have stored on hand means you’ll be less valuable to a potential attacker! And on top of all that, being attacked does not result in a penalty to your progress! Even though a gathering structure won’t make anything while it’s being upgraded, it’s always worthwhile in the long run to go for the production upgrades.

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