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By Commander Rik

Boom Beach HQ Smoke Tank Strategy

Bet you haven’t tried this!

So we all know about the typical setups using Smoke and Zookas to take down those higher level Operation bases. As for myself, I enjoy trying to attack bases in a different way than the usual crowd. My Warriors are low level and let’s be honest, I just like Tanks. I mean who doesn’t? And the reason I like Smoke and Tanks is because if you can maneuver those lumbering monstrosities around the enemies anti-tank defenses, you’ll be home free!

Now keep in mind if your going to try this setup you need to have more than just the troops to make it work, but I suggest that no matter what level Tanks and Smokes you have that you try it out yourself!

Strategy Requirements
Boom Beach HQ Smoke Tank Strategy

To execute this strategy, you need a few things.

  1. Tanks and Smokes! Now if your not high enough level in the game then use what you have to create your own fun setups!
  2. Gunboat Energy! Why you may ask? It’s not free to deploy Tanks into an attack and you need to be able to afford those smokes. Remember they may be big and strong but a turtle can give them a run for there money.
  3. Time! You need to make sure that if your going to attack a base you have a plan. Using the scouting option on a base before you attack it is key. This will take a little time to get the hang of, but after a little practice you’ll be fine. Depending on the base size it can take a full minute just to get them there.
  4. Flare! You should have some experience with this and be mastering it by now. However if your flares don’t last long, I’d suggest hitting that armory up!
  5. Medic! This helps a lot but is entirely optional to the attack. I won’t mention them beyond here because it’s a personal preference to use them.

Here is what I currently have as far as Troops levels for this setup!

  • Tanks: Level 7
  • Smoke: Level 2
  • Flare: Level 6
  • Gunboat: Level 16
Also having a few Gunboat energy statues are a big help! I’d also suggest troop damage and troop health as well!

Attacking with Tanks and Smoke
Boom Beach HQ Smoke Tank Strategy

So now that you have the basic setup how do you attack the base?

Assuming you scouted the base like we talked about you need to get on with the attack! Trust me 4 minutes goes by fast! Attacking player bases is a little easier on time, but Operation bases can be challenging!

First, find a safe location to flare your tanks to ahead of time. Knowing what defenses Tanks are weak against and what defenses they are strong against determines the best locations for them to flare to. Usually you will want to flare your Tanks to a safe spot away from Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Sniper Towers! Machine Guns, Mortars, Flamethrowers, and Rocket Launchers are usually a lower priority.

Second, use your smokes. I usually have about 70 Gunboat Energy (though it depends on your statue bonuses), and make sure to time your smokes so that they are most effective in the area you place them – If your Tanks are near machine guns don’t worry about smoking; however, if cannons are near, you should throw down a smoke. Just remember that every base is different and different strategies are needed for each one.

Boom Beach HQ Smoke Tank Strategy

So hopefully you got a chance to tryout this setup and had fun. For me having fun on Boom Beach is the #1 priority. You don’t always have to follow the crowd and you’d be surprised at what troop setups work that you haven’t tried! So I challenge you to load up Boom Beach pick a few random troops and have fun!

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