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Holy pot-stickers has there been an update!

New units, new buildings, new maps, and all sorts of things you might not have seen coming!

See What’s New Below!

New Support Unit! | Submarine
Boom Beach Submarine Update

That’s right folks, a yellow submarine. You’ll be digging up treasure like a Beatle in no time! Now about that gig…

  • Starting at HQ 9, you can discover treasures with the submarine by finding dive locations on your map.
  • Treasures can include resources, diamonds, and even powerstones!
  • Dive locations appear randomly and each dive location will give you several treasures to choose from.
  • Dives cost a lot of gold, but the rewards are well worth it!
  • Tip: You cannot recover all the treasure from a dive location, so pick your targets wisely!
  • Tip: Upgrading the submarine allows for deeper dives and greater rewards
  • Tip: You need Radar level 7+ to find dive sites!
  • Official Post Here
New Defense Building! | Shock Launcher
Boom Beach Shock Launcher Update

The Shock Launcher is a POWERFUL new defense building which will significantly change the way battles are fought! The Shock Launcher fires shock bombs, similar to those in your Gunboat’s arsenal. Enemy troops caught in the area of effect are briefly stunned and unable to move or attack. Awesome!

  • Available at HQ 17, the Shock Launcher will disable units in their tracks for a short time.
  • The initial duration is 1.4s and is only affected by the level of the Shock Launcher (not your Gunboat Shock Bomb level)
  • The Shock Launcher has a huge range, only falling short to the Rocket Launcher. Similar to the Rocket Launcher, it also has a huge amount of health (>7,000).
  • The Shock Bombs fired by the launcher do a very small amount of damage (20 per second), but its effect can cripple a warrior rush!
  • Tip: Beware using warrior rush against these new machinations!
New Bases, Skins, and Sounds! | Winter is here!
Boom Beach Winter is Coming Update

It has gotten COLD on some of these beaches, and baby where it’s cold you are going to find some new updates! Here’s what has changed.

  • Northern Islands now have a snow environment, complete with new graphics, trees, and snow puns
  • Ice Power Stones can now be obtained on frozen islands and only on frozen islands!
  • The Cannon and Boom Cannon received new graphics and visual tweeks. I think they got some covenant upgrades!
  • The Rocket Launcher and Machine Gun have also undergone some aesthetic changes.
  • Tip: Beware using warrior rush against these new machinations!
Scout, Loot, Victory | Information Warfare
Boom Beach Update Information
Central Intelligence has made some significant progress since we last talked and now there’s a whole lot more information about the enemy!
  • Enemy Activity panel is now available on the world map which shows you the number of times your base has been scouted, attacked, and raided each day. Now you know how many people are watching you!
  • Victory reward of an enemy base is now visible as a map popup after the island has been scouted.
  • Other player’s victory points now visible when scouting.
  • Mine damage is now displayed when scouting.
  • Envelope Feature implemented: Allows SuperCel… I mean Super Central Command to send us messages and links that might help us with the war! (However communications with other players are still down for the foreseeable future.)
Spoils of Victory and Changes in the Ranks | Balance Changes
Boom Beach Warrior Nerf
Some major updates occurred that will change the way you fight!
  • Warriors have had their damage and healing reduced! This has made their damage significantly weaker (minus about 12%). They received a slight health boost to compensate (+5%), but with the new addition of Shock Launchers, there will need to be some changes in tactics!
  • Increased amount of “safe” online time from 4 hours to 5 hours.
  • Players with 800+ VPs no longer have less PvP invasions.
  • Shock Bomb price increased from 3 to 5.
  • Loot and Rewards have been increased!
    1. Increased PvP and boss level loot rewards
    2. New Victory Point based rewards! The more Victory Points you have, the greater the reward!
  • NPC loot has been changed with more or less (+/-) of certain resources during certain parts of the game.
    1. Early Game: +Gold, +Wood
    2. Mid Game: -Gold, -Wood, +Stone
    3. Late Game: -Gold, -Wood, +Stone
    4. Less Iron overall