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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the official Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen some of the new content coming out with the next patch!

Haven’t kept up? No worries! Here’s a quick summary. Source by Commander moodi989

Prototype Weapons! | Powerful, Dangerous, Combustible?
Boom Beach Wiki New Prototype Defenses
Those eggheads over at R&D are really outdoing themselves this week! We’ll be getting our hands on some of those “experimental” materials that ol’ creep Dr. Terror’s been using, and making our own super weapons! Mwahahaha!


In the most responsible way of course.

They’re a little unstable and may, ah what’s the word… explode. But what we know about them is the following.

Weapon Lab

  • There’s a New Building called the “Weapon Lab”
  • The weapon lab is available at HQ 15 and allows you to build “Prototype defense weapons”.
  • Uses new items called “Prototype modules” to build the weapons, which drops in attacks or in the Hammerman Strikes Back event.
  • Prototype modules come in 4 flavors: Critical Fuse, Complex Gear, Power Rod, and Field Capacitor.
  • In the video it was level 5 and gives a max of 2 weapons to place, might increase like sculptor.
  • Weapons are from level 1-3, at HQ 15 you might be able to have Weapons Lab level 1 and able to build certain Prototype Defenses and not all types – uncertain at the moment.
  • Level 1 weapon uses 4 of “Prototype modules”, level 2 uses 12, level 3 uses 24 (not confirmed for all types)

New Prototype Defense Weapons

  • Prototype weapons are temporary – 12 days until they explodes.
  • Shock Blaster: Damages and shocks enemies, seems to target 1 by 1, it’s like a cross between canon and mini shock launcher … has to reload after certain amount of shots, decent range.
  • Lazor Beam: Damages multiple targets really fast shooting, it’s like a decent range machine gun with Lazors PEW PEW PEW!, good at taking out clumped up infantry like warriors and zookas.
  • Damage Amplifier: Amplifies damage of defense buildings in range, stacks with the +Def Damage statues, Short range.
  • Doom Canon: Huge damage but slow at firing, it’s like the Boom Canon, but has really large range from what can be seen in the video … Level 3 fires 9000 damage (with no bonuses)
Critters! | Back line Assault and Distraction


  • New Gunboat Ability “Critters”
  • Exclusive video of game play.
  • Critters are obtained at HQ 19, and the gunboat fires 6 critters at level 1. Number of critters increases by 1 critter per level
  • Once they land, the critters will begin attacking the nearest buildings as well as attracting the attention of nearby defenses
  • Critters roam your village, not confirmed for everyone or only those who unlocked it.
Boom Beach Wiki Critter
New Events | Hammerman Strikes Back & Mysterious G!
Boom Beach Wiki Gearheart
Hammerman Strikes Back
  • New Event “Hammerman Strikes Back” acquired after building the new building “Weapon Lab” which will be at HQ 15.
  • The attack of Hammerman consists of 4 waves of 8 landing crafts, the troop strength depends on your Victory Points.
  • By repelling Hammerman’s attacks, you can earn Prototype modules to construct Prototype weapons with

“Gearheart” Event

  • New Event, first mentioned here, will make Dr. Terror and other events daily
  • Details about the event haven’t been released, but it is likely to be a weekly or biweekly event