Boom Beach Wiki Damage Amplifier
Unlocked at HQ Level 15
Damage Amplifiers greatly amplify the damage of defenses around it (straight-forward enough).
General Strategy:
  • Damage Amplifiers are one of the Prototype Defenses that can be constructed from the Weapon Lab.
  • Damage Amplifiers are the only Prototype that does not attack, but it does provide a significant boost to nearby defenses (50%, 75%, or 100%).
  • The bonuses provided by the Damage Amplifier and Ice Statues are additive, not multiplicative.
  • If the Damage Amplifier is destroyed during battle, the surrounding defenses will lose their attack boost.
  • Upgrading the Damage Amplifier increases the boost it gives, but does not increase the range of the boost.
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Advanced Strategies

Special Strategies

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Unit Upgrades
Level Hitpoints Damage Boost Prototype Materials Build Time Weapon Lab Required
1 15,000 50% 0 Critical Fuse 0 Complex Gear 4 Power Rod 0Field Capacitor 1h 1
2 20,000 75% 8 Critical Fuse 4 Complex Gear 0 Power Rod 0Field Capacitor 4h 3
3 25,000 100% 0 Critical Fuse 8 Complex Gear 4 Power Rod 12Field Capacitor 12h 5