“Grenadier here!

Demolitions extraordinaire! Now where did I place that bomb…”

Boom Beach Wiki Grenadier Strategy
Tough and scrappy, Grenadiers are long range explosive lobbers with a penchant for destruction!

  • The Grenadier is a long-range infantry able to fire AOE grenades (though VERY inaccurately).
  • His range is the greatest among any troop, even tanks, meaning that he can sit safely behind tanks in order to deal out damage.
  • Overall though his stats are atrocious.
  • He is the second slowest attacking unit after tanks (every 3 seconds compared to a Tank’s every 3.5).
  • His DPS is also significantly lower than Zookas though since he is 3 times their size (size 6), attacks slower (3sec vs. 2sec), and cannot reliably hit the intended target.
  • His health is just under a Warrior’s so he can take some AOE fire without dying though
  • However his greatest weapon is his range and, ironically, his inaccuracy.
General Strategy:
  • The Grenadier’s range is the longest of any troop, out-ranging the Tank by just enough to hit Machine Guns, Flamethrowers, and Cannons from outside their targeting range. His range is about equivalent to a Mortar’s range for comparison.
  • The Grenadier’s range is also bolstered by the fact that it can be extended (due to missing) by nearly twice it’s original distance, meaning he can pepper other defenses and buildings from more than a Boom Cannon’s distance away!
  • Mass Grenadiers work well with Medics since they have enough health to take a little bit of damage
  • In testing, he hits his intended target somewhere between 10-20% of the time meaning most of his shots will damage defenses behind the intended target.
  • The explosion radius appears to be slightly larger than 1 square in each direction from the initial impact point (between a 3×3 and a 4×4 square)
  • As a hilariously chaotic unit, the grenadier punishes defenses that use economy buildings as a buffer as other defenses behind the front line may take a lot of damage before the initial targets are destroyed.
  • While grenadiers can deal out a lot of damage, they cannot reliable beat a base by themselves. Another more reliable damage per second unit is needed to help finish off an HQ. For this reason, Tanks and Zookas are often looked to for that needed DPS boost.
  • Waiting to deploy one landing craft full of Zookas, till Grenadiers and Medics have cleared out most of the base, is a good way of finishing off the HQ with some reliable DPS as Grenadiers won’t have enough time or accuracy to destroy the HQ.
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Advanced Strategies

Chaotic Salvo

Grenadiers shine when there are buffer buildings or defenses that can’t fire back on the front line. Since they will miss 80% of their shots, most of the defenses behind the buffer buildings will be hit instead and take a lot of damage before the initial target is destroyed. Consider deploying grenadiers before other troops to deal some chaotic damage first and clear the way before you main forces arrive.

Reserved Trump Card

Few strategies rely on delayed or staggered deployment of troops, but for grenadiers it can be highly beneficial in finishing off the HQ. Running mass grenadiers with medics can destroy most of the base, and once a path is cleared to the HQ, a last landing craft of Zookas can swoop in and deal the final blow to the HQ.

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Unit Upgrades
Level Hitpoints DPS Training Cost Research Cost Research Time Armory Level Required
1 450 100 8,000
2 477 108 9,000
3 506 116 10,000
4 536 124 11,000
5 568 134 12,000
6 602 144 13,000
7 638 154 14,000
8 680 166 15,000
9 720 178 16,000
10 760 192 17,000