Boom Beach Wiki Gunboat
The Gunboat is your troops’ best friend. Use it to heal your forces, focus your firepower, or bomb enemy defenses.
  • Strategic Gunboat use will decide most of your battles.
  • Gunboat weapons use Energy. You start with a set (upgradable) amount at the beginning of every battle. You recover all energy each time you fight, so there’s no harm to using it all in your attack!
  • Gunboat energy can be boosted by Dark Statues.
  • Armory upgrades for your weapons boost your offense immensely.
Weapon | Artillery
Boom Beach Wiki Artillery
Your starting weapon, Artillery, is a powerful tool that can win you many engagements by itself.
  • Like all Gunboat powers, Artillery has no range restrictions. You’ll want to use it on troublesome defensive structures.
  • Every shot increases energy cost by 2 energy (i.e. 3-5-7-9-11) You can usually fire off 3 shots in the early game, which is enough to take out most base defenses.
  • Tip: you can hit more than one building with Artillery if they’re right next to each other. Aim at the space between them!
Support Power | Flare
 Boom Beach Wiki Flare
Don’t underestimate the non-damage dealing Flare. It is one of the most useful abilities in your arsenal, and will save your troops’ hides on more than one occasion.
  • Flares will direct all of your troops to wherever they’re dropped. Use them to focus down a specific building, or walk into a Mortar’s dead zone.
  • Every Flare increases energy cost by 1 energy (i.e. 2-3-4-5-6)
  • Tip: Avoiding base defenses is much better than attacking them head on. Use flares to move your troops through trees for smart fighting.
Support Power | Medkit
Boom Beach Wiki Medkit
Medkits continuously heal your troops in a large area of effect, and are perfect against base defenses that spread damage over time like machine guns and mortars.
  • Medkits are really useful when you are either swarming targets with many units, or when you have many high HP troops.
  • Every Medkit increases energy cost by 3 energy (i.e. 6-9-12-15)
  • Tip: you can time your Medkit drops to be where your troops will walk to. This way they get the heal effect for longer.
Weapon | Shock Bomb
Boom Beach Wiki Shockbomb
Shock Bombs don’t deal damage, but will paralyze all buildings for a small period of time. You can use it to directly attack the disabled base defenses or sneak your troops around them.
  • Watch out for Shock Bombs paralyzing your own troops. Make sure your forces are out of range when it detonates.
  • Every Shock Bomb increases energy cost by 3 energy (i.e. 7-10-13-16)
  • Tip: Shock Bombs are most useful against opponents that put many of their base defenses in close proximity to one another.
Weapon | Barrage
Boom Beach Wiki Barrage
Barrage detonates multiple missiles over a large area. It’s not as powerful as the Artillery but will hit many more targets
  • Barrage is most useful against clustered lower-level defenses, or used in tandem with Shock Bombs.
  • Every Barrage increases energy cost by 6 energy (i.e. 10-16-22)
  • Tip: Barrage can be very good against opponents that clustered their resource production buildings. These buildings tend to have lower health and will give your Gunboat net positive energy if you can destroy enough of them.
Support Power | Smoke Screen
Boom Beach Wiki Smokescreen
Smokescreen, the last power to unlock, will create a cloud on the battlefield that shades your troops. While they are moving in the smoke, they cannot fire or be fired upon.
  • Smokescreen seems custom made for Warriors. Use it to get them unharmed into melee range, then deliver the hammer beatdown.
  • Every Barrage increases energy cost by 6 energy (i.e. 10-16-22)
  • Tip: Because your troops cannot attack while under the effects of Smokescreen, use it as a transportation tool only. Medkit is better suited when your have already engaged a target.
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