Boom Beach Wiki Lazor Beam
Unlocked at HQ Level 15
Lazor Beams are long range piercing defenses that can vaporize all in their path of fire!
General Strategy:
  • Lazor Beams are one of the Prototype Weapons that can be constructed from the Weapons Lab.
  • Like all of the Prototype Weapons, Lazor Beams have an extremely long range, second only to the Rocket Launcher and equal to the Shock Launcher. Similarly, their health is extremely high making them difficult to deal with before deploying troops.
  • Lazor Beams fire an immensely powerful linear attack which will go through their first target and hit all the units behind it. This means that even units outside it’s original range of fire can be hit and destroyed. This is especially bad for traditional Heavy/Zooka strategies as the laser will pass through the Heavies and destroy the Zookas behind them.
  • The primary weakness of Lazor Beams are that they can only fire in one direction at a time. That means they are suspectable to masses of troops like Warriors that spread out have a chance of destroying them as long as they do not line up.
  • Lazor Beams also do not deal much damage to Scorchers or Tanks, but care must be taken with the Medics as the lazor beam will pass through the Tanks and hit the medics.
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Unit Upgrades
Level Hitpoints DPS Attack Speed Prototype Materials Build Time Weapon Lab Required
1 15,000 1,500 5 sec 0 Critical Fuse 0 Complex Gear 0 Power Rod 4Field Capacitor 1h 1
2 20,000 2,000 4 sec 0 Critical Fuse 8 Complex Gear 4 Power Rod 0Field Capacitor 4h 3
3 25,000 3,000 3 sec 12 Critical Fuse 0 Complex Gear 8 Power Rod 4Field Capacitor 12h 5