“Hold on! Hold on! Help is on the way!”
Boom Beach Wiki Medic Strategy
Make love, not war! The Medic is opposed to all kinds of violence. Instead of grabbing a rifle, he heals other troops to help our cause.
General Strategy:
  • A group of Medics can easily keep a group of Heavies or Tanks healed up against many buildings. Ideally, Medics should be paired with units who have plenty of health, as those units need to survive long enough to be healed.
  • While their healing is very strong, care should still be taken to remove large threats like Cannons and Boom Cannons which might eliminate their patient.
  • Medics will follow their patients and won’t run in front; thus staying safely behind the front line.
  • Rocket Launchers are a danger to medics due to their high burst damage and wide splash area.
Video Guides:
Tanks & Medics by BoomBeachGeneral!
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Unit Stats
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Medic Healing Range
Advanced Strategies

Tanks and Medics

One of the most expensive but also most powerful combinations. This strategy provides great range, firepower, and tankability (Yes, we went there). Removing boom mines, cannons, and boom cannons are a must for this strategy to keep your tanks alive. All other damage is trifling to the medics’ healing and they will also heal each other should they be hit by stray fire.

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Unit Upgrades
Level Hitpoints HPS Training Cost Research Cost Research Time Armory Level Required
1 500 25 5,000
2 544 27 6,000 1,680,000 3d11h 14
3 592 29 7,000 2,740,000 3d19h 15
4 644 31 8,000 3,300,000 3d19h 15
5 701 33 9,000 3,400,000 3d19h 16
6 762 35 10,000 3,800,000 4d6h 17
7 829 37 11,000 4,500,000 4d10h 18
8 902 39 12,000 4,800,000 4d10h 18
9 982 41 13,000 5,300,000 4d16h 19
10 1,068 43 14,000 6,100,000 4d18h 20
11 1,162 56 15,000 6,400,000 4d18h 20