Boom Beach Wiki Shock Blaster
Unlocked at HQ Level 15
Shock Blasters are long range, shocking machine guns with great firepower, speed, and the ability to halt unit rushes in their tracks!
General Strategy:
  • Shock Blasters are one of the Prototype Weapons that can be constructed from the Weapons Lab.
  • Like all of the Prototype Weapons, Shock Blasters have an extremely long range, second only to the Rocket Launcher and equal to the Shock Launcher. Similarly, their health is extremely high making them difficult to deal with before deploying troops.
  • Shock Blasters fire shock bullets which shred medium to low health troops and are also effective at disabling and destroying Tanks and Scorchers as well. Their shots will disable units so they can’t move or attack for a short amount of time.
  • Though they have rapid fire like Machine Guns, they are much more accurate and focused than the Machine Guns and basically have sniper accuracy.
  • The shock stun duration does not depend on the level of your gunboat’s shock bomb. Instead, it depends on the level of the Shock Blaster.
  • Hint: Try positioning shock blasters so that the area they stun the invading troops in also puts the troops in range of your other defenses.
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Unit Upgrades
Level Hitpoints DPS Shock Duration Prototype Materials Build Time Weapon Lab Required
1 15,000 1,000 0.6s 4 Critical Fuse 0 Complex Gear 0 Power Rod 0Field Capacitor 1h 1
2 20,000 1,500 0.8s 0 Critical Fuse 0 Complex Gear 8 Power Rod 4Field Capacitor 4h 2
3 25,000 2,000 1.0s 4 Critical Fuse 12 Complex Gear 0 Power Rod 8Field Capacitor 12h 4