“Even Capt. America could use the extra firepower.”
Boom Beach Tank Strategy
With its powerful gun and thick armor, the Tank is a real war machine! Due to its weights, each Tank needs extra Energy to land ashore. Cannons, Boom Cannons, Sniper Tower, and Boom Mines are the Tank’s biggest obstacles.
General Strategy:
  • Tanks have the 2nd highest DPS and the longest range for any unit, the latter being their greatest strength.
  • Tanks can be very powerful in large numbers, but they are weak versus many single target buildings. If using tanks, it is necessary to destroy any Cannons and Boom Cannons that will be able to fire upon them.
  • It costs 2 energy to land deploy a tank, so careful consideration of energy usage is necessary when deploying them.
  • Removing defenses like Cannons and Boom Cannons with your initial troops can help provide additional energy and clear out dangerous obstacles for your tanks.
  • Losing a single tank in combat can seriously cripple your force’s DPS, so precautions must be made to keep them alive. Also training and replacing tanks is very costly.
  • Tanks have the slowest move speed of all the units so positioning them around the map can be very costly on flares. However, because they are so slow, you can basically manage faster troops independently of the tanks.
  • Heavies pair well with Tanks and can help remove Cannons and absorb damage while the tanks destroy the defenses.
  • Medics can also pair well with Tanks as any splash damage will be healed very quickly and help the tanks survive onslaughts.
Video Guides:
Tanks & Medics by BoomBeachGeneral!
Mass Tanks by BoomBeachBonanza!
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Unit Stats
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Tank Range
Advanced Strategies

Tanks Ahoy

Take advantage of the superior range of your tanks and bombard enemy Flamethrowers or Machine Guns from the comfort of long range. Use your Shock Bombs to temporarily disable Cannons and Boom Cannons, and a spray of Barrage fire to take out several enemy mines at once. You’ll only be able to field a few tanks even at maximum Landing Craft capacity, so make the most of them!

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Unit Upgrades
Level Hitpoints DPS Training Cost Research Cost Research Time Armory Level Required
1 2,300 130 10,000
2 2,484 142 11,000 620,000 1d23h 9
3 2,683 154 12,000 1,030,000 2d4h 10
4 2,897 168 13,000 1,890,000 2d16h 11
5 3,129 184 14,500 2,540,000 3d4h 12
6 3,379 200 16,000 2,570,000 3d4h 13
7 3,650 218 17,500 3,900,000 3d22h 14
8 3,942 238 19,000 5,300,000 4d7h 15
9 4,257 259 20,500 5,300,000 4d7h 15
10 4,598 282 22,000 5,400,000 4d7h 16
11 4,966 308 23,500 6,300,000 4d20h 17
12 5,363 335 25,000 7,300,000 5d 18
13 5,792 366 26,500 7,400,000 5d7h 19
14 6,255 399 28,000 7,500,000 5d10h 20
15 6,756 434 30,000 7,600,000 5d10h 20