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Big thanks to X1202X for letting us do a breakdown on his base!

Level 27 Base Attack Strategy

First Glance:

The first thing I notice when examining this base is that he clearly does not want us going up the left side. He’s made this clear with the exorbitant number of mines blocking the way. This is not a problem though, as I believe the shortest route to the HQ to usually be the best.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tanks
  • Heavy/Zooka/Rifleman
  • Warriors
General Strategy:

As I’ll be heading up the right side, the first thing that I’m going to concern myself with is the two cannons. Unfortunately for us , they are not really close enough to take out with one artillery volley or a barrage, so we will be shock bombing them into submission. After the cannons are taken care of, the idea is to progress into the weapons only far enough so that we can use a flare and retreat back to take out the HQ in peace. Simple as that. Tanks have extra range, so they will need to take out less of the weapon stations before they can safely fire upon the HQ.