Master the troops with Boom Beach Bonanza!
Mission Notes:

Tanks have high health, range, and firepower.

Tank’s main weaknesses are Cannons and Boom Cannons so remove those defenses with Artillery and Barrage. Sniper Towers can also be a problem.

Tank move speed is very slow, so maneuvering them into place with Flares can be slow.

Tactics Used:
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One Response to “One Unit Series: Tank BoomBeachBonanza”

  1. Leckere

    Hi Dude,

    nice videos. have you found a good way to beat the last ressource base in your one unit tank series? i have currently so many of them and only 5 tanks. iam getting crazy.
    maybe you have a minute for a short advice.
    go one with that videos, they are very helpfull.

    greetings lechefe


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