Hacksaw – composed of Flatline, Borderline, Keel, and Dredge – possibly one of the easiest operations at this Force Point level (280), most of the bases are relatively easy with the exception of Dredge.
Critical Objectives:


  • Similar to the Flatline base in Operation Pencilneck, the defenses are a little different but the strategy remains the same.
  • Attack the left side with Heavy/Zooka to destroy the cannons
  • Use Shock Bombs rather than artillery and barrage as your troop damage is far greater.
  • Once the cannons and mortar are eliminated, another Heavy/Zooka crew can destroy the Power Core from out of range of most defenses.


  • Keel is extremely easy as the Power Core is right beside the beach without much defense. Land a group of Tank/Medics near the Rocket Launchers to destroy them and you are good to go.


  • The key to Borderline is destroying the Shock Launcher and then the 3 Boom Cannons.
  • Warriors or Heavy/Zooka can be good for clearing the Boom Cannons on the beach.
  • A Warrior rush can destroy the shock launcher.
  • After those are destroyed, no other long range defenses can stop a Tank/Medic combo from destroying the Power Core.


  • Dredge is the hardest base of this Operation due to a large number of Rocket and Shock Launchers.
  • Mass Warrior strategies were employed to first eliminate the Shock Launchers and then the Rocket Launchers. Flaring Warriors to the middle of the 3 Shock Launchers will help keep all your Warriors in the blind spot of the shock launchers.
  • With the Shock and Rocket Launchers destroyed, other troops can clean up the cannons near the Power Core and finally destroy the Power Core itself.
Tactics Used:
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