Pencilneck – composed of Cargo, Tension, Flatline – this operation starts showcasing some of the more dangerous defenses such as mass Rocket Launchers and the dreaded Shock Launcher.
Critical Objectives:


  • First eliminate the Boom Cannons on the left side with Heavy/Zooka
  • Then, Warrior Rush with Smoke Screen and Shock Bombs to destroy the Rocket Launchers and Sniper Towers if possible.


  • Attack the left side with Heavy/Zooka to destroy the cannons
  • Use Shock Bombs rather than artillery and barrage as your troop damage is far greater.
  • Once the cannons and sniper tower are eliminated, another Heavy/Zooka crew can destroy the Power Core.


  • Destroy the Shock Launcher. As long as it remains active, attacks to the back of the base or Rocket Launchers may end poorly.
  • Destroy the group of 9 Rocket Launchers. As long as these are active, they will repel almost any attack to the Power Core.
  • Warriors and shock bombs can be used to great effect here since the close attack range renders the Rocket Launchers unable to attack.
Tactics Used:
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