Powder Keg – composed of Tonnage, Mercury, Conveyor, and Borderline.
Critical Objectives:


  • Similar to the old Tank Tango Tonnage, the key is clearing a path to the Power Core.
  • First, eliminate the 3 Rocket Launchers defending the Power Core with combined Artillery/Barrage
  • Use Heavy/Zooka or mass Warriors to clear a path on the left side by destroying some of the Cannons and Boom Cannons there.
  • Once there is some space created on the left side, Warriors can be flared to the defenses in the back to destroy them before destroying the Power Core.


  • The left side has less Rocket Launchers, so clear a path around the left side to get to the back of the base.
  • Key targets are the Boom Cannons and Rocket Launchers which will be in range when you attack the base from the back.


  • Conveyor looks intimidating but it is possible to run around all the defense to the back of the Power Core and destroy it from there.


  • The key to Borderline is destroying the Shock Launcher and then the Boom Cannons.
  • Warriors or Heavy/Riflemen+Zooka can be good for clearing the Boom Cannons on the beach.
  • A Warrior rush can destroy the shock launcher.
  • After those are destroyed, no other long range defenses can stop a Tank/Medic combo from destroying the Power Core.
Tactics Used:
Related Missions:
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