Tank Tango – composed of Residue, Tonnage, Excel – as the name suggests, Tank combinations really excel here and in combination with Heavy/Zooka, these bases should fall without a problem.
Critical Objectives:


  • Residue is a tough base. It has a ton of rocket launchers as well as a Shock Launcher to protect its back-line defenses.
  • As per usual, eliminating the Rocket Launchers and Shock Launcher are first priority. You can clear the left side with Heavy/Zooka or Tank/Medic combos.
  • Warrior rushing the 3 Rocket Launchers on the left side is also possible.
  • Once about 5 Rocket Launchers and the Sniper Towers on the left side are taken care of, the Power Core can be destroyed from range with Tank/Medic


  • Excel has a lot of Rocket Launchers and Boom Cannons, and clearing a path from the left side to the back of the base is the best route of attack.
  • A group of Tanks and Medics can run up the left flank and destroy the Rocket Launchers on the left and back side.
  • Other attacks will want to focus their Gunboat energy on the left side Rocket Launchers and possibly launching Heavy/Zooka to eliminate them.
  • Once the Rocket Launchers are destroyed, a group of Tank/Medics can flare around the back and destroy the Power Core from a safe range.


  • The key to Tonnage is clearing a path to the Power Core.
  • First, eliminate the 3 Rocket Launchers defending the Power Core with combined Artillery/Barrage
  • Use Heavy/Zooka or mass Warriors to clear a path on the left side by destroying some of the Cannons and Boom Cannons there.
  • Once there is some space created on the left side, Warriors can be flared to the defenses in the back to destroy them before destroying the Power Core.
Tactics Used:
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