Tank Tango V2- composed of Flatline, Keel, and Dredge – possibly one of the easiest operations at this Force Point level (265), most of the bases are relatively easy with the exception of Dredge. This version of Tank Tango is very similar to the old Hacksaw Operation
Critical Objectives:


  • Similar to the Flatline base in Operation Pencilneck, the defenses are a little different but the strategy remains the same.
  • Attack the left side with Heavy/Zooka to destroy the cannons
  • Use Shock Bombs rather than artillery and barrage as your troop damage is far greater.
  • Once the cannons and mortar are eliminated, another Heavy/Zooka crew can destroy the Power Core from out of range of most defenses.
  • If you have a super strong offense with plenty of Tanks and Medics, you can even charge straight at the Power Core if you make sure you don’t move into range of the Cannons or Boom Cannons. (see video)


  • Keel is extremely easy as the Power Core is right beside the beach without much defense. Land a group of Tank/Medics near the Rocket Launchers to destroy them and you are good to go.


  • Dredge is the hardest base of this Operation due to Shock Launchers.
  • Mass Warrior strategies were employed to first eliminate the Shock Launchers. Flaring Warriors to the middle of the 3 Shock Launchers will help keep all your Warriors in the blind spot of the shock launchers.
  • With the Shock Launchers destroyed, other troops can clean up the cannons near the Power Core and finally destroy the Power Core itself.
Tactics Used:
Related Missions:
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