Upper Lip – composed of Mercury, Crunch, Legion, and Quota.
Critical Objectives:


  • Clear a path around the left side to get to the back of the base.
  • Key targets are the Boom Cannons and Rocket Launchers which will be in range when you attack the base from the back.


  • The left side is less protected.
  • Focusing Warrior Rush attacks on the Boom Cannons, Shock Launchers, and Rocket Launchers on the left side will allow a group of Tank/Medics to take out the Power Core later.


  • Eliminate the Shock Cannon on the left side and the Rocket Launchers around the back with Warrior Rushes
  • Flare Tank/Medics around the back to destroy the Power Core, shocking the cannons if necessary.


  • Definitely the hardest base of this operation due to the copious number of Rocket Launchers and the dreaded Super Mortar.
Tactics Used:
Related Missions:
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