Boom Beach Wiki New Unit Scorcher

Volcanic Incarnate | The Scorcher!

Alright boys, big news today! Those eggheads over at R&D cobbled together a monstrosity of a tank – built from 188 tons of dwarven steel and brimstone and with the demeanor of a dragon to boot, The Scorcher Tank is ready for action!

  • This beast fills up 21 slots of a landing craft.
  • It boasts a ridiculous 25,000 health at level one, the most of any unit by a long shot, and at max level it is 40,000 hp!
  • Equipped with a flamethrower, this unit deals out a ton of damage at close range (about that of a maxed level Warrior). The flames are also AOE, hitting buildings behind its initial target and setting them aflame for additional burning damage over time.
  • For a full list of stats and strategies, check out the Scorcher Page!

Other New Stuff |
Boom Beach Wiki Intel
Some cool new visual effects, and more types of Operation layouts and Task Force features.
  • New Power Base tactical note system for Task Forces
  • See information about your attacker’s statues
  • Several new Power Base layouts
  • Find new wildlife on your island
  • Female villagers
  • New Gunboat upgrade visuals
  • New Flamethrower upgrade visuals
  • New, more accurate visual effect for Boom Mine explosions
  • Tap on your Submarine’s dive location while it’s exploring the depths
Gameplay Changes |
  • The Grenadier now throws faster and further, with a slightly increased grenade explosion radius (DPS remains the same)
  • Statue boosts will pause automatically during maintenance
  • Increased Ice Statue boost times to 10h per PP
  • Cannons, Boom Cannons and Boom Mines no longer deal double damage to Tanks, but instead deal more damage overall
  • Tanks do more damage and train faster, but have less health
  • Operation Intel costs now scale according to the size of your Task Force (tap here for more info)
  • Sabotage price reduced (initially 3, then +2 per subsequent sabotage)
  • Better pathfinding for all troops
  • Gunboat ability grid when attacking is now pixel precise
  • Recommended Task Forces now tell you why they’re being recommended to you
  • Matchmaking for 600 VPs and upwards has been changed
  • PvP loot bonus is no longer determined by the strength of your opponent’s defenses, only their total XP matters
  • Added bonus to loot when attacking high VP players
  • Dr.
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Whelp we did it folks. We cornered our tactician and forced him through a combination of coercion and cookies to write

40 long pages of detailed, in-depth tactics and analysis

for Task Force Operations.


, he escaped 5 hours in through an imaginative use of paper clips and hot pocket wrappers. We’ve released the dogs with orders to bring him back dead or alive.

Hmm? Dead or Alive? Well, he’ll be back.

That said, we did pull together several pages worth of Operation tactics and strategy which we are proud to call…


It’s so tactical we had to say it twice.

Give it a read, it’ll tell you all the ways to destroy those Task Force Strongholds, evade their traps, and sock the Power Core right in the jugular! Wa-POW!

Guaranteed! (BoomBeachHQ does not legally guarantee)

What are you waiting for? Go read it!

Boom Beach HQ Wiki
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Boom Beach Wiki New Unit Grenadier

New Unit Incoming! | The Grenadier
Rejoice commanders, a new powerful unit has joined the ranks and he’s ready to rock!

The Grenadier! Unlocked at HQ 16, the Grenadier deals area damage by lobbing his grenades from long range! Here’s a breakdown of some of his strengths and weaknesses.

  • The unit is a long-range infantry able to fire AOE grenades (though very inaccurately).
  • His range is the greatest among any troop, even tanks, meaning that he can sit safely behind tanks in order to deal out lots of damage.
  • He can attack Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, and Cannons from outside their range!
  • The damage strikes in a small AOE, and the difference/drawback between him and a Zooka is that the time between his shots is much longer, his shots are inaccurate, and his unit size is 3 times as large as a Zooka (6 size/unit).
  • His health places him higher than Riflemen and just under Warriors. He can take a hit, but it isn’t necessarily his forte!

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Today we’ll break down Tank Tactics and how you can improve your base to defend against them.

Tanks and Tank + Medic combos are a very potent late game troop combination due to their high HP, range, and respectable damage.

In the hands of a skilled commander, Tanks can find blind spots in a base’s defense and pick them off like heavily armored snipers with their range. So the question is, how do you defend against these iron-clad war machines?

Tanks main foes are single target, high damage per second defenses like Cannons, Boom Cannons, and groups of Sniper Towers.

Conversely, they will shrug off area damage from Mortars and Machine Guns and even completely out-range Flamethrowers. With that said, an emphasis needs to be placed on keeping your Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Sniper Towers well protected if you want to repel a Tank attack.

Here’s what you need to know.

Boom Beach Tank Defense Guide

This pretty lady might be your base’s downfall.

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Commander Coblt submitted this base to Reddit. He is looking for improvements to his level 35 base, so we’re here with some advice!

Boom Beach Level 35 Base Defense Strategy

At First Glance:

  • Ok, so there’s some pretty big changes that need to be made, one of which is our most talked about recommendation: spacing.
  • Spacing breaks down into how far apart your defenses are, what distance your defenses can reach when they are x-blocks apart, and how much concentrated firepower you have in an area so that they can focus fire a group of units.
  • Many bases have problems similar to Coblt’s, as the buildings are too spaced out. At the moment, a group of Tanks or Heavy/Zookas could march in and pick off the defenses one-by-one when multiple defenses could have been hammering on the attackers all at the same time. Having defenses spaced out also means that some buildings will just be completely out of range of the attackers and will be avoided all together.
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