Boom Beach Wiki Task Force Invasion Cap

The latest Task Force update brought about a lot of great and interesting social and competitive content.

However, there were also some hotly debated topics about the changes to the invasion rate and the cap – namely that the maximum number of enemy bases a player could have on their map was greatly reduced.

  • The max number of enemy bases on the map was 24 bases at radar level 20 and even lower for other levels of radar
  • This meant that players who had more than the max allowable enemy bases on their map would not see any new invasions come, even if they waited for several hours or days.
  • Also players who had cleared their map would not necessarily get invaded very quickly as the rate and chance of invasions was reduced.
  • Since getting invaded is based on chance, it was theoretically possible to never get invaded if you were really, really unlucky.

While the rates were low after the Task Force update, SuperCell released an update today to help fix some of the issues with the invasion cap and invasion rates.

  • Increased the invasion cap by about 37-42%.
  • Increased the rate at which invasions occur as well as fixed the possibility of never seeing an invasion if you were really unlucky. There are also plans to increase the chance of being invaded if you haven’t been invaded recently.
  • In simpler terms, the update adds about 10 more bases than before at max radar and about 5 more bases around level 9 radar.

You can check the actual numbers in the table below.

How these numbers compare to prior to the TF update is unclear, and while it is still less than before, it is definitely a pretty big change in the right direction and puts a lot more bases on the map. SuperCell is watching the situation with other possible changes to invasion mechanics on the horizon.

Invasion Cap
Radar Level Most Recent Update TF Update Difference +/-
1 2 2 0
2 5 4 +1
3 7 6 +1
4 9 7 +2
5 11 8 +3
6 13 10 +3
7 15 11 +4
8 17 13 +4
9 19 14 +5
10 21 16 +5
11 23 17 +6
12 24 18 +6
13 26 19 +7
14 27 20 +7
15 28 21 +7
16 30 21 +9
17 31 22 +9
18 32 23 +9
19 33 23 +10
20 34 24 +10

Boom Beach Wiki Intel

1st post of a new series of articles! In this series, we are doing MATH and taking a hard look at the numbers of Boom Beach and summarizing it so you don’t have to!

For today’s topic we’re starting off with something relevant to the latest Task Force patch: Intel.

And more specifically what you need to do to get the 2nd Intel for Base Defense.

First, a recap:

Intel can be earned 3 ways:

  • 1 Intel for defeating an NPC base (25% chance)
  • 1 Intel for defeating a Player Base (50% chance)
  • 1 to 2 Intel for destroying enemy troops during a base defense

The first two options are pretty straight-forward.

You’ll get on average 1 Intel for every 4 NPC bases you destroy and 1 Intel for every 2 Player bases you destroy. By no means is this a guarantee as it is ‘by chance’ and you’ll probably see your fair share of hot and cold streaks that average out.

The last one, base defense, is interesting though as you can get up to 2 Intel for a base defense. However, getting the 2nd piece of Intel is a bit of luck and a strategic and well-positioned base. Need help improving your base? Check out some tips and guides we’ve done here!

To get the first piece of Intel, you need to successfully destroy 10+ size worth of enemy troops units.

  • e.g. Each Rifleman counts as 1 size worth as it takes up 1 spot on a landing craft whereas Warriors count as 3 size worth each.
  • So you would need to destroy at least 10 riflemen or 4 warriors to get 10+ worth of units destroyed.

Now this is where chance and the fortitude of your base come in.

>> Your chance of getting the 2nd piece of Intel from a base defense depends on how many size worth of troops you destroy during that defense.

How does it scale you ask?

>> If you destroy 25-44 worth of troops, you have a 5% chance of getting a 2nd Intel. If you destroy 45-69 worth of troops, you have a 10% chance of getting the 2nd Intel. 70-99? 25% chance, etc.

Now that’s fine’n’dandy, but wot does 70 size worth of troops look like anyway?

>> Well in the simplest terms, it could be 70 Riflemen. Alternatively it could be 24 Warriors in a mass warrior rush. Or 9 Tanks in a mass tank strategy. To get a better idea of the numbers and chances of getting that second intel, checkout the table at the bottom (numbers rounded for convenience).

Anyways, that about wraps it up for this session of Checkin’ the Numbers. Hope that helps you Master Strategists out there and good luck on the front!

- mmMmm BBHQcurry

2nd Intel Drop Table
Destroyed Unit Worth 10 25 45 70 100 135 175
2nd Intel Chance 0% 5% 10% 25% 50% 70% 100%
Mass Riflemen 10 Riflemen 25 Riflemen 45 Riflemen 70 Riflemen 100 Riflemen 135 Riflemen 175 Riflemen
Warrior Rush 4 Warriors 9 Warriors 15 Warriors 24 Warriors 34 Warriors 45 Warriors 59 Warriors
Hooka 1 Heavy , 3 Zookas 2 Heavies, 9 Zookas 4 Heavies, 15 Zookas 6 Heavies, 23 Zookas 8 Heavies, 34 Zookas 12 Heavies, 44 Zookas 12 Heavies, 64 Zookas
Mass Tanks 2 Tanks 4 Tanks 6 Tanks 9 Tanks 13 Tanks 17 Tanks 22 Tanks

Boom Beach Task Force Update


This is the update we’ve all been waiting for. Multiplayer. Cooperative. Boom Beach.

Sing it with my now! AWWWWW YEAAAA!

Easily the most anticipated update to Boom Beach, we’re finally ready to reveal it all! Let’s get to it!

What are Task Forces and Operations |
In case you missed it, Task Forces are groups of up to 5, 10, 20, or 50 players that can band together to take down Blackguard bases through missions called “Operations”
  • Operations consist of multiple bases. For example Operation Milkforce, the first operation, has 2 bases that need to fall in order to complete the operation. Base defenses are similar to Dr. Terror stages on a much larger scale, and the bases can even have defensive boosting statues to make things harder!
  • Instead of an HQ, players try to destroy the large Power Core that is the central hub of each base.
  • Where Task Force missions are unique from other NPC missions is that they promote coordination and teamwork with your fellow teammates.
  • This is accomplished through:
    1. New Task Force specific chat box for communication
    2. A limited number of attacks (each Task Force member can only attack one base per operation)
    3. A limited number of resources (in order to undertake an operation, Task Forces must expend Intel gathered from NPC and Player Bases on the standard world map)
    4. And strategically destroying defenses and buildings as any damage dealt or buildings destroyed will remain damaged or destroyed when your next teammate attacks.
  • These factors can greatly influence how efficient and successful your Task Force is during the operation.
  • Only one operation can be activated every 24 hours, so to earn the most Force Points for the leaderboards, the highest level Operation should be attempted.
  • Bigger Task Forces can take on more difficult operations and potentially get greater rewards, but the challenge of successfully coordinating at a larger scale should be considered!
Spoils of War | Diamonds, Resources, Fame
Boom Beach Task Force Update

Leaderboard position and rewards earned are determined by the number of Force Points received from each operation. How these mechanics work is described below:

  • Each building destroyed during an operation rewards 1 Force Point
  • Destroying the Power Base’s Core automatically rewards the maximum amount of Force Points for that base
  • Force Points accumulate as you complete more Operations, but they also decrease by 1% 5% of your Task Force’s total daily. This means you must complete Operations daily in order to raise or maintain your Task Force’s leaderboard rank.
  • Once an operation is completed (all power bases are destroyed, all attacks spent, or 24 hours has elapsed), the operation reward is delivered to your home base via boat
  • All members of the Task Force receive the operation reward regardless of the damage they dealt during the operation.
  • Rewards are similar to daily VP rewards with options of Diamonds, Wood, Stone, Gold, Power Stones, etc.
  • The operation reward amount is determined by your XP level and the number of Force Points acquired with harder bases having more Force Points available and thus greater possible rewards
How to Get Started with a Task Force |
Boom Beach Task Force Update

So how do you get started? Well, first you need to join or create a Task Force

  • Task Forces first become available at HQ 6
  • Task Forces start at 5 and can be increased to 10, 20, or 50 members in size.

    Find a Task Force to join here!

  • Once the max size of a Task Force is increased, it can never be lowered.
  • If creating a Task Force, you can customize your emblem and VP entry requirements.
  • You can only be part of one Task Force at a time.
  • As a Task Force, you will need to collect Intel before commencing an Operation. Intel is used as a resource in order to start Operations on the multiplayer map. Higher level bases require more Intel to attack but also reward more resources and Force Points.
  • Each member of a Task Force can gather Intel independently that contributes to the total Intel of the Task Force.
    1. Intel is gathered from attacking NPC and player bases on the regular map
    2. 1 Intel is awarded by chance at 25% for NPC bases and 50% for player bases (like power stones, but at a much higher rate)
    3. You can also gain Intel from successful base defenses as well similar to how diamonds are earned.
  • Only the TF Leader or Officers can start an operation
  • Intel contribution from each member of the Task Force is visible to everyone
  • Intel contribution numbers are reset each week, but the accumulated Intel does not reset
  • If you leave or are kicked from a Task Force, you do not keep the Intel. It stays with the Task Force
The biggest update. to. date. This is one helluva update and way too much to cover in just one post!

That said, we’re making a section for all Task Force related information in the second post.

See all the other changes below!

Economy and Gameplay Updates |
Boom Beach Task Force Update
Some major updates occurred that will change the way you fight!
Dr. Terror got a couple pretty nasty buffs in the latest update, so taking his dark stones and resources is getting tougher! In addition the economy resource gain and requirements have been shuffled around a bit making free diamonds less common but also reducing build times and increasing the resource worth of each diamond.
  • Gunboat abilities now display countdown timers where they land, showing how much longer their effects will last. A very nice game changer, helping players make more efficient and tactical moves.
  • Dr. Terror now has shock launchers on higher stages which could potentially put a damper on smokey warrior strategies.
  • Dr. Terror now has Ice Statues. Truly a chilling thought!
  • Treasure chests don’t spawn as often :(
  • Dive Locations spawn more often :)
  • Even faster invasion rate when the map has fewer opponents (meaning you get more bases to blow up sooner when your map is clear) :D
  • Slower invasion rate when the map has lots of opponents
  • To balance the above two points, your map won’t be able to house as many total invasions at any one time (which means a less overwhelmingly full map at times and slightly increased gold from freed villages)
  • Shorter build times for high level building upgrades!
  • More expensive Diamond speedups (this is to balance the above point)
  • Less expensive resource purchases with Diamonds
UI and Graphics |
Boom Beach Task Force Update

As with past updates, the Boom Beach dev team has continued raising the bar on the game’s looks, with some pretty flavorful additions to boot. Also, check out that high-res beard! Majestic!

  • Weather effects have been added to tropical and volcanic islands, with the possibility of rain on the former and ash particles falling form the sky on the latter.
  • Armory usability improvements
  • Extra hint for Power Stone popover if the Sculptor hasn’t been built
  • Online warning is now a less intrusive clickable icon (this appears after being online for 4 hours in a 24 hour period)
  • Enemy Activity no longer auto-opens when entering the map screen
  • The #1 player also got some exclusive honors! The #1 player’s gold badge now gets better with age! The longer he/she holds the top spot, the cooler your badge will become! Tapping a player’s gold badge now shows more info.
Task Force Operations Boom Beach Multiplayer Boom Beach Headquarters Wiki

More spoilers on Boom Beach Task Forces have been released, and here’s what’s new!

  • The new multiplayer map shows industrialized, coastal cities and islands that will be the new setting for the Task Force Operations.
  • Operations consist of multiple bases. For example Operation Milkforce, the first operation, has 2 bases that need to fall in order to complete the operation. Bases defenses are similar to Dr. Terror stages on a much larger scale, and the bases can even have defensive boosting statues to make things harder!
  • Rewards are transported via boat to each player after successfully completing the entire operation. Example rewards for the easiest operation (20 intel, 2 Bases, size 50): 2 Diamonds, 169,800 Gold, 75,900 Stone for each member of the Task Force.
  • Damage a player inflicts on an Operation base is permanent and can make the attack by the next player easier!
  • As a Task Force, you collect Intel and Force Points. The Intel is used as a resource in order to start “operations” to attack the bases on the multiplayer map while Force Points are awarded depending on the efficiency of your attacks. Higher level bases require more Intel but also reward more resources and Force Points.
  • Each member of a Task Force can gather Intel independently that contributes to the total Intel of the Task Force. Intel is gathered from attacking NPC and player bases on the regular map and 1 Intel is awarded by chance at 25% for NPC bases and 50% for player bases (like power stones, but at a much higher rate). You can also gain Intel from successful base defenses as well similar to how diamonds are earned.
  • Power Base Boom Beach Headquarters Instead of an HQ, Operations seek to destroy a Power Base on each level.

    Damage dealt to the Power Base carries over between battles, meaning that you and your compatriots can work together to bring it down over several attacks.

  • Task Forces are awarded 1 Force Point for destroying a building. Blowing up the Power Core is similar to blowing up the HQ and starts a reaction that destroys the whole base. However, this also hints at the fact that you might not be able to destroy the power core in time even after several operations.
  • Force Points measure how effective your Task Force is in the destroying the Blackguard bases and determine your Task Force’s ranking on the leaderboard. The amount of Force Points that can be earned decreases by 1% daily.
  • Each player of a Task Force can only attack each Operation once, so coordination is necessary to do the most damage to each base and earn the most Force Points.
  • Also included with the patch is a rework of Gunboat weapons which will now display timers when launched so it is visible how long the effect will last (e.g. Flares, Smoke Screens, Shock Bombs). From a tactics standpoint, this is a huge addition as it helps carefully plan your weapon and energy usage more effectively.

TL;DR? Here’s a video by Molt!

Aside from what has been directly stated, we can also draw a couple more conclusions from the hints provided.

  • We can expect the Task Force Operations to last multiple days since people will need to coordinate their efforts to bring down the Power Base over several attacks. Edit: Operations can only last 24 hours!
  • Boom Beach is rewarding more coordinated and efficient attacks as in addition to the limited Intel that can be gathered over a couple days, the number of attacks the members can make on an Operation is also limited. Thus, they are also providing tools to facilitate this coordination through the Task Force Chat as well as improved Gunboat timers to improve individual battle tactics.
  • The missions can be huge and on scale much larger than any map we’ve seen so far since it may take attacks by 5, 10, 20 or even 50 members to bring down a base. While it seems greater rewards go to Task Forces who use their attacks more efficiently than that, the possibility that a base takes the combined effort of 20+ members makes me think that these may be some incredible bases.

That’s it for now, but look forward to more updates from us on Task Forces and Operations as more details are revealed this week!

Together We Boom Boom Beach Multiplayer Spoiler

Big news from Supercell as multiplayer missions are en route!

While hinted at in the prior Revenge of the Magma update, Multiplayer Task Forces were finally spoiled yesterday by the community managers at Supercell.


Sneak Peek #1 – TASK FORCES

Soon you’ll be able to join forces with other players and fight the Blackguard together!!

Forum exclusive info:

✔ Task Forces will come in four different max player sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 50.

✔ You start at 5 and can choose to increase to 10, 25 or 50.

✔ Once you increase your Task Force’s max player size, you can NEVER decrease it again (this is because there are separate leaderboards for each size bracket).

✔ Bigger Task Forces can take on more difficult operations and potentially get greater rewards, but the challenge of successfully coordinating at a larger scale should be considered!

✔ Task Forces become available at HQ 6.

Keep an eye out for videos about the above from the YouTubers who visited Supercell HQ recently!

The original post can be read here.

What Else We Know |
  • You can only be a part of One Task Force.
  • You can create and customize your Task Force’s emblem
  • There will be a task force chat to communicate with other members in your Task Force
  • You can set VP entry requirements for your Task Force (100, 200, 300, 400, etc)
  • Task Forces can only be created once a week
  • You can earn Force Points and Intel. Intel is used like gold, and is the currency needed to attack a Task Force base (called an Operation).

While it may be a couple weeks before the update hits the beaches, lots of people are already rearing to go for this much awaited multiplayer/social interaction aspect of Boom Beach and are starting to reach out and make Task Forces already.

This is actually the biggest news for Boom Beach in awhile and is one of the aspects that makes its Supercell sibling, Clash of Clans, so popular.

I have really high hopes for this update and I believe it will really revolutionize Boom Beach and make it 1,000 times better than before!

Task Force | Recruiting Threads Updated Weekly
Ok that last one was a stretch, sorry about that, should have stuck with “renovations”. But today’s topic is about managing your gold and troops to get the most out of them.

It’s a little bit of strategy, a little lesser known tricks, but overall some good ways to keep your base and troops growing bigger and stronger.

Also these easy tips can save you dozens of diamonds, costly raids, and even some time replenishing your troops.

Mini-Banks and Gold Upgrades | Troop Swapping
Some people have too much gold. If you are one of those people, ok maybe this isn’t for you, but personally I always have a new unit or gunboat upgrade I’d like to buy and saving up for it can take a long time and put you at risk for a raid. In this situation, maybe you used to drop 50-100 diamonds to pay for the rest, but you may be able to save those diamonds by simply reshuffling your troops to cheaper units.

When you switch out your troops with another type, you either pay the difference in gold (if it’s higher) or get a gold refund if the cost of the new troops is lower. For example I usually have 2-3 tanks loaded up on each landing craft (some very expensive units), and by switching to riflemen temporarily,

I get 100,000+ gold more to spend towards my upgrades.

If I cancel the troop training while it is switching troops?

I get 170,000 extra gold to spend! This also works in reverse as you can use your landing crafts as a mini-bank to store “gold” in the form of expensive troops. Might be best before logging off for the night.

Boom Beach Task Force Update

Greed is good, and saving up that extra gold could help make your troops a powerhouse.

Saving Private Ryans | Smoke Screen for Cover
If you run Medics, Warriors, and/or Tanks, you have probably noticed that a few seconds more or a little more healing could have been the difference between easily beating a base or spending the next 30 mins waiting to try round 2, 3, 4.

Here’s where smoke screens come in. Most often used with Warrior rushes to get them past major defenses, Smoke Screens prevent defenses from firing at your units under the smoke but also prevent your units from attacking. They are also very useful in saving your troops, especially when running strategies with Medics or Tanks. In the former case, while no units under a smokescreen can attack or be attacked, Medics will still heal all nearby units even if all the units are under the smoke screen. For a mere 2 or 3 energy you maybe be able to give your troops a much-needed break to heal up before pressing the attack.

As for tanks, they are very costly to build and losing a tank during a battle also greatly reduces your force’s damage output. Smoking a tank that is getting focused by a sniper tower could help keep it alive until your other forces destroy the threat, thus giving you an extra tank to deal damage later and saving you time and gold from having to rebuild your army.

Boom Beach Task Force Update

Give this girl another life by saving her with a smokescreen.

Take All You Want | Eat Everything You Take
A simple rule that most Boomers (and people with good table-manners) are familiar with: when you take lots of resources, use them. This way you’ll lose less should your base get raided.

However, a lesser known fact is that the longer you have a surplus of resources in your base, the more likely you will appear on another player’s map with those resources even though you may have spent them days ago. The reason for this is that whenever a player scouts you, a snapshot of your resources at that time will be saved. If they raid you, they will take the listed bounty even if your resources have changed since that time. Thus holding onto a surplus of resources for a long time will increase the chances people scout your base when you have a lot of resources, and as a result you will lose more from raids.

Hope these tips help you squeeze out every advantage and best of luck out there!

It’s been awhile since we saw the Freezing Menace update which added new buildings, winter biomes, and the submarine. It’s complement Revenge of the Magma is now here. While it is mostly an aesthetics and housekeeping update, Tim the Boom Beach SuperCell community manager, strongly hinted at a “social aspect” in the works for Boom Beach.

Boom Beach 
Revenge of the Magma Update

There weren’t any significant changes to gameplay: trees now grow back occasionally to provide additional sources of wood, NPC matchmaking is more appropriate for high level players, etc. However, I think there are several other good things to take away from this update.

Overall the visuals and performance of Boom Beach are a lot crisper now as there were always mixes of old and new graphics, and we are seeing SuperCell review and implement a lot of the community’s feedback as seen in several suggestion inspired features. We also confirmed rumors about “social” features in the works, so hopefully those friends of yours might can help out or work together.

Check back next time when (fingers crossed) we’ll have social gameplay with guilds, co-op base raids, and other fun features to talk about.

Gameplay Updates | Fixes and Visual Tweaks
  • Similar to their frosty analogue, volcanic islands got a visual upgrade and have a chance to drop magma crystals.
  • Trees will now randomly grow back on your home base island
  • If a lot of enemy base buildings remain after the HQ is destroyed, they will blow up faster
  • New dive location for Radar level 5
  • Improved endgame NPC matchmaking, no more low level Blackguard bases for endgame players
  • Improved game loading speed and overall performance
  • Restored Fair Play, by patching abuses some players were taking advantage of.
Visual Updates | Interface Improvements
  • New graphics for resource storages
  • New Statue graphics and effects
  • Defense building visual improvements, including distinctive building bases to easily spot them
  • Hot new effects: enemy HQ now burns when damaged, Flamethrower fire and Gunboat smoke improved
  • Improved and extra boomy effects for rocket explosions and Boom Cannon shell impacts


  • Daily Summary popup info is now more informative
  • Enemy Activity log shows which lost villages can be attacked immediately
  • You can now access the Armory to check unit stats and upgrade costs even while an upgrade is underway in the Armory
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher damage per second info

Thanks to Commander NuclearBombMan for his base submission! He has asked us for advice with defending his base from high level Tank/Medic and Hooka strategies, so let’s see what he’s got!

Level 40 Base Defense Strategy

At First Glance:

  • Good looking, symmetrical base design with most resource buildings hidden away to prevent giving the enemy free energy.
  • Front line defenses look a little weak to Heavies and Tanks since there is no single target DPS, but the greatest gap in defense is around the back left side of the base where there are at most 3 Cannons/Boom Cannons.

Attack Strategy:

According to the owner, this base has particular trouble dealing with Tank/Medics and Hooka strategies since opponents will either destroy or evade his high damage, single target defenses. These are tough combinations to deal with, but the solution here is building distribution and density.

A critical strategy in Boom Beach, especially for units with range like Tanks and Zookas, is to clear out one side of the defenses to make a path to the HQ; if you only need to destroy part of the defenses, you can spend less time, keep more of your units alive, and avoid fighting more defense as an avoided defense is basically the same as a destroyed one.

Bringing that advice to this base, destroying the back left side of the base is where there are the least defenses and the base is weakest. We can see that destroying the Boom Cannon with Barrage/Artillery eliminates a large amount of the high damage defenses in that area. The remaining anti-tank/anti-heavy defenses would be maybe 1 to 2 Cannons at most and 2 Sniper Towers. These can be destroyed with a combination of shock bombs/artillery and then the HQ is completely vulnerable.

How can we improve this?

What’s important to improve here is the defense distribution and density around the HQ. Currently there are strong Sniper Towers spread out around the perimeters of the base to protect a large area. While it is understandable to want to protect additional economy buildings and other defenses, the key is always the HQ*. Also since the Sniper Towers are so far out, they are also vulnerable to being picked off by themselves as they don’t have other defenses protecting them.

Thus, I would recommend moving the Sniper Towers away from the fringe of the base and closer to the HQ – for example, move the Flamethrowers at the side of the HQ up and to the left and right of the Mortar (they will still be in range for Warrior rushes), and place the fringe Sniper Towers into these spots by the HQ. This will provide overlapping coverage in a critical area and add some single target DPS to protecting the HQ.

Next let’s talk about Boom Cannons. Boom Cannons have a unique, unlisted quality about them, as in 90% of attacks, they will be targeted and destroyed before units hit the beach. Because of this there are a couple problems.

  • You will have to plan for a large gap in your defenses where the Boom Cannon was.
  • Additionally players will create lots of space around Boom Cannons, moving their other defenses further away to avoid Barrage splash damage, but this further increases the gap in your defenses once their gone.

In our current example, someone could take out either the left or the right one, and then attack whichever side they made weaker. Rather than giving them left or right as options, I like placing them with one in front and one in back attached to the HQ (where the mortar and front flamethrower are currently. When attacking the HQ They will have to deal with both, and more importantly, they are no longer creating a huge gap in your defenses when they are destroyed. The spot in back is also less critical to being “undefended” should it be destroyed in the initial salvo as well.

With the space freed up by moving the Boom Cannons, we can place buildings like Cannons closer to the HQ which will provide faster rates of fire than Boom Cannons and more protection for the HQ as the effective cannons protecting the HQ would be 6 (4 cannons, 2 boom cannons) instead of 4 (2 cannons, 2 boom cannons). After making these movement I would tighten up the spacing of the defenses to reduce gaps and give overlapping coverage.

Final Thoughts: (TL;DR):

  • The back, left side of the base is weakest. Increase defense density by moving Sniper Towers on the fringes of the base closer to the HQ.
  • Boom Cannons are a barrage/artillery magnet. Move Boom Cannons from left and right positions to front and back positions near HQ. Then move cannons into their old spot to give more protection to the HQ and avoid huge gaps in the defense.
  • Tighten up defenses by moving them closer to the HQ and each other to provide overlapping defense.

Hope that helps and best of luck!

*Economy buildings shouldn’t be poorly positioned so that large groups of them are easily destroyed, but once the opponent has to go way out of their way and with losses to destroy them, additional defense for them is wasted.