Together We Boom Boom Beach Multiplayer Spoiler

Big news from Supercell as multiplayer missions are en route!

While hinted at in the prior Revenge of the Magma update, Multiplayer Task Forces were finally spoiled yesterday by the community managers at Supercell.


Sneak Peek #1 – TASK FORCES

Soon you’ll be able to join forces with other players and fight the Blackguard together!!

Forum exclusive info:

✔ Task Forces will come in four different max player sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 50.

✔ You start at 5 and can choose to increase to 10, 25 or 50.

✔ Once you increase your Task Force’s max player size, you can NEVER decrease it again (this is because there are separate leaderboards for each size bracket).

✔ Bigger Task Forces can take on more difficult operations and potentially get greater rewards, but the challenge of successfully coordinating at a larger scale should be considered!

✔ Task Forces become available at HQ 6.

Keep an eye out for videos about the above from the YouTubers who visited Supercell HQ recently!

The original post can be read here.

What Else We Know |
  • You can create and customize your Task Force’s emblem
  • There will be a task force chat to communicate with other members in your Task Force
  • You can set VP entry requirements for your Task Force (100, 200, 300, 400, etc)
  • Task Forces can only be created once a week
  • You can earn Force Points or Intel (not yet revealed what they do)

While it may be a couple weeks before the update hits the beaches, lots of people are already rearing to go for this much awaited multiplayer/social interaction aspect of Boom Beach and are starting to reach out and make Task Forces already.

This is actually the biggest news for Boom Beach in awhile and is one of the aspects that makes its Supercell sibling, Clash of Clans, so popular.

I have really high hopes for this update and I believe it will really revolutionize Boom Beach and make it 1,000 times better than before!

Task Force | Recruiting Threads Updated Weekly
  • Boom Beach Recruit Subreddit
  • Have a Task Force you want us to display?

    Send us an Email at! Make sure to include your Task Force tag, name, requirements, and link to your TF website (if you have one)!

Ok that last one was a stretch, sorry about that. But today’s topic is about managing your gold and troops to get the most out of them.

It’s a little bit of strategy, a little lesser known tricks, but overall some good ways to keep your base and troops growing bigger and stronger.

Also these easy tips can save you dozens of diamonds, costly raids, and even some time replenishing your troops.

Mini-Banks and Gold Upgrades | Troop Swapping
Some people have too much gold. If you are one of those people, ok maybe this isn’t for you, but personally I always have a new unit or gunboat upgrade I’d like to buy and saving up for it can take a long time and put you at risk for a raid. In this situation, maybe you used to drop 50-100 diamonds to pay for the rest, but you may be able to save those diamonds by simply reshuffling your troops to cheaper units.

When you switch out your troops with another type, you either pay the difference in gold (if it’s higher) or get a gold refund if the cost of the new troops is lower. For example I usually have 2-3 tanks loaded up on each landing craft (some very expensive units), and by switching to riflemen temporarily, I get 80,000+ gold more to spend towards my upgrades. This also works in reverse as you can use your landing crafts as a mini-bank to store “gold” in the form of expensive troops. Might be best before logging off for the night.

Saving Private Ryans | Smoke Screen for Cover
If you run Medics, Warriors, and/or Tanks, you have probably noticed that a few seconds more or a little more healing could have been the difference between easily beating a base or spending the next 30 mins waiting to try round 2, 3, 4.

Here’s where smoke screens come in. Most often used with Warrior rushes to get them past major defenses, Smoke Screens prevent defenses from firing at your units under the smoke but also prevent your units from attacking. They are also very useful in saving your troops, especially when running strategies with Medics or Tanks. In the former case, while no units under a smokescreen can attack or be attacked, Medics will still heal all nearby units even if all the units are under the smoke screen. For a mere 2 or 3 energy you maybe be able to give your troops a much-needed break to heal up before pressing the attack.

As for tanks, they are very costly to build and losing a tank during a battle also greatly reduces your force’s damage output. Smoking a tank that is getting focused by a sniper tower could help keep it alive until your other forces destroy the threat, thus giving you an extra tank to deal damage later and saving you time and gold from having to rebuild your army.

Take All You Want | Eat Everything You Take
A simple rule that most Boomers (and people with good table-manners) are familiar with: when you take lots of resources, use them. This way you’ll lose less should your base get raided.

However, a lesser known fact is that the longer you have a surplus of resources in your base, the more likely you will appear on another player’s map with those resources even though you may have spent them days ago. The reason for this is that whenever a player scouts you, a snapshot of your resources at that time will be saved. If they raid you, they will take the listed bounty even if your resources have changed since that time. Thus holding onto a surplus of resources for a long time will increase the chances people scout your base when you have a lot of resources, and as a result you will lose more from raids.

Hope these tips help you squeeze out every advantage and best of luck out there!

It’s been awhile since we saw the Freezing Menace update which added new buildings, winter biomes, and the submarine. It’s complement Revenge of the Magma is now here. While it is mostly an aesthetics and housekeeping update, Tim the Boom Beach SuperCell community manager, strongly hinted at a “social aspect” in the works for Boom Beach.

Boom Beach 
Revenge of the Magma Update

There weren’t any significant changes to gameplay: trees now grow back occasionally to provide additional sources of wood, NPC matchmaking is more appropriate for high level players, etc. However, I think there are several other good things to take away from this update.

Overall the visuals and performance of Boom Beach are a lot crisper now as there were always mixes of old and new graphics, and we are seeing SuperCell review and implement a lot of the community’s feedback as seen in several suggestion inspired features. We also confirmed rumors about “social” features in the works, so hopefully those friends of yours might can help out or work together.

Check back next time when (fingers crossed) we’ll have social gameplay with guilds, co-op base raids, and other fun features to talk about.

Gameplay Updates | Fixes and Visual Tweaks
  • Similar to their frosty analogue, volcanic islands got a visual upgrade and have a chance to drop magma crystals.
  • Trees will now randomly grow back on your home base island
  • If a lot of enemy base buildings remain after the HQ is destroyed, they will blow up faster
  • New dive location for Radar level 5
  • Improved endgame NPC matchmaking, no more low level Blackguard bases for endgame players
  • Improved game loading speed and overall performance
  • Restored Fair Play, by patching abuses some players were taking advantage of.
Visual Updates | Interface Improvements
  • New graphics for resource storages
  • New Statue graphics and effects
  • Defense building visual improvements, including distinctive building bases to easily spot them
  • Hot new effects: enemy HQ now burns when damaged, Flamethrower fire and Gunboat smoke improved
  • Improved and extra boomy effects for rocket explosions and Boom Cannon shell impacts


  • Daily Summary popup info is now more informative
  • Enemy Activity log shows which lost villages can be attacked immediately
  • You can now access the Armory to check unit stats and upgrade costs even while an upgrade is underway in the Armory
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher damage per second info

Thanks to Commander NuclearBombMan for his base submission! He has asked us for advice with defending his base from high level Tank/Medic and Hooka strategies, so let’s see what he’s got!

Level 40 Base Defense Strategy

At First Glance:

  • Good looking, symmetrical base design with most resource buildings hidden away to prevent giving the enemy free energy.
  • Front line defenses look a little weak to Heavies and Tanks since there is no single target DPS, but the greatest gap in defense is around the back left side of the base where there are at most 3 Cannons/Boom Cannons.

Attack Strategy:

According to the owner, this base has particular trouble dealing with Tank/Medics and Hooka strategies since opponents will either destroy or evade his high damage, single target defenses. These are tough combinations to deal with, but the solution here is building distribution and density.

A critical strategy in Boom Beach, especially for units with range like Tanks and Zookas, is to clear out one side of the defenses to make a path to the HQ; if you only need to destroy part of the defenses, you can spend less time, keep more of your units alive, and avoid fighting more defense as an avoided defense is basically the same as a destroyed one.

Bringing that advice to this base, destroying the back left side of the base is where there are the least defenses and the base is weakest. We can see that destroying the Boom Cannon with Barrage/Artillery eliminates a large amount of the high damage defenses in that area. The remaining anti-tank/anti-heavy defenses would be maybe 1 to 2 Cannons at most and 2 Sniper Towers. These can be destroyed with a combination of shock bombs/artillery and then the HQ is completely vulnerable.

How can we improve this?

What’s important to improve here is the defense distribution and density around the HQ. Currently there are strong Sniper Towers spread out around the perimeters of the base to protect a large area. While it is understandable to want to protect additional economy buildings and other defenses, the key is always the HQ*. Also since the Sniper Towers are so far out, they are also vulnerable to being picked off by themselves as they don’t have other defenses protecting them.

Thus, I would recommend moving the Sniper Towers away from the fringe of the base and closer to the HQ – for example, move the Flamethrowers at the side of the HQ up and to the left and right of the Mortar (they will still be in range for Warrior rushes), and place the fringe Sniper Towers into these spots by the HQ. This will provide overlapping coverage in a critical area and add some single target DPS to protecting the HQ.

Next let’s talk about Boom Cannons. Boom Cannons have a unique, unlisted quality about them, as in 90% of attacks, they will be targeted and destroyed before units hit the beach. Because of this there are a couple problems.

  • You will have to plan for a large gap in your defenses where the Boom Cannon was.
  • Additionally players will create lots of space around Boom Cannons, moving their other defenses further away to avoid Barrage splash damage, but this further increases the gap in your defenses once their gone.

In our current example, someone could take out either the left or the right one, and then attack whichever side they made weaker. Rather than giving them left or right as options, I like placing them with one in front and one in back attached to the HQ (where the mortar and front flamethrower are currently. When attacking the HQ They will have to deal with both, and more importantly, they are no longer creating a huge gap in your defenses when they are destroyed. The spot in back is also less critical to being “undefended” should it be destroyed in the initial salvo as well.

With the space freed up by moving the Boom Cannons, we can place buildings like Cannons closer to the HQ which will provide faster rates of fire than Boom Cannons and more protection for the HQ as the effective cannons protecting the HQ would be 6 (4 cannons, 2 boom cannons) instead of 4 (2 cannons, 2 boom cannons). After making these movement I would tighten up the spacing of the defenses to reduce gaps and give overlapping coverage.

Final Thoughts: (TL;DR):

  • The back, left side of the base is weakest. Increase defense density by moving Sniper Towers on the fringes of the base closer to the HQ.
  • Boom Cannons are a barrage/artillery magnet. Move Boom Cannons from left and right positions to front and back positions near HQ. Then move cannons into their old spot to give more protection to the HQ and avoid huge gaps in the defense.
  • Tighten up defenses by moving them closer to the HQ and each other to provide overlapping defense.

Hope that helps and best of luck!

*Economy buildings shouldn’t be poorly positioned so that large groups of them are easily destroyed, but once the opponent has to go way out of their way and with losses to destroy them, additional defense for them is wasted.

Hey Commanders!

Welcome back to the one unit series, where feature the strengths and weaknesses of your Boom troops. There’s nothing else quite like the Medic Platoon. It’s a support unit that can really reward you for strong positioning play. Pair these troops with a squad of Tanks or Riflemen and watch them go to town!

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Medic Strategy
Unlocked at HQ Level 15
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Medic HQ Wiki Range

Medics, in Depth


  • Medics are uniquely suited to
  • Use the buddy system! Pack along at least two Medics in your landing craft – they’ll prioritize healing each other and keep stray sniper fire from ruining your day.
  • You can certainly pair your Heavies with Medics. However, watch out for not finishing combats in the 4 minute timeframe. Use this technique against an opponent that is using only an array of sniper towers to guard their headquarters.
  • Warriors and Medics don’t mix – they’ll speed off into combat and leave the support units in the dust to be picked off by poorly-guided mortars.
  • Zookas are similarly poor comrades because they’ll likely be one-shot by many base defenses. You can’t heal a weak constitution!
  • Tanks are the best companion for Medics, but beware their natural counter: Cannons and Boom Cannons. These fearsome structures can go toe-to-toe with your range and deal too much damage for Medics to heal. Always Shock Bomb or Barrage. these structures when you can.

Fighting Against Medics

  • Because Medics can’t fire, the real section header here is how to fight against rapidly regenerating Tanks, Heavies, or Riflemen.
  • Surround your Cannons and Boom Cannons with a palisade of smaller defense such as high-level Sniper Towers. Have the heavy artillery cover on side of your HQ, and line the other with your Boom Mines.
  • Figure out the place where opponents are most likely to use Flares to get into your base, and put a few Sniper Towers halfway along this line – this way, when enemies want to Flare again to carve deeper towards your Headquarters, the slower-moving Medics may change direction and wander into Sniper Fire.
  • Place Mortars behind Flamethrowers to punish regenerating Riflemen and catch slower moving groups of Medics.

Field Testing in Action

As always, we’ll wrap up with some in-game footage featuring our spotlit unit. Here’s Boom Beach General with a fearsome Tank-Medic combo!

Hope these tactics win you many battles to come! Until next we meet on the battlefield.

Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. We’re scoped this week on the Sniper Tower, the classic standby for defending your base.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Sniper Tower
Unlocked at HQ Level 1
Attack Range
Boom Beach HQ Wiki HQ Sniper Tower Range

Offensive Application

Sniper Towers are everywhere. Makes sense, since it’s gotta be cheaper to put a guy with a rifle on top of a building than build some state of the art rocket system. Overlook them at your own peril though, as Sniper Towers remain useful well after you’ve unlocked the full extent of your armory.

How to assault Sniper Towers:

  • In the early game, Heavies are great against Sniper Towers because of their bulky HP pool. You can use this tanking strategy until your opponent reinforces with Machine Guns or Mortars, at which time you should consider using avoidance tactics or Artillery fire.
  • Sniper Towers shoot fairly slowly. Once you can load up 8 or more Riflemen in a single Landing Craft, you can almost ignore individual Sniper Towers by swarming them. Sure you’ll sustain a casualty or two, but the conserved Gunboat energy can give you an edge against tougher defenses.
  • Don’t rush your Warriors into Sniper Towers – the accuracy and spike damage of these defenses are good against your speed & heal strategies. Consider approaching the enemy base from a point more guarded by Mortars or Machine Guns instead.
  • Use Flares liberally. Most enemy commanders have figured out how to place their civilian buildings to bolster their defenses, so if you’re not careful your troops will be sitting ducks as they take down less-than-important targets. Confront the towers head on instead of trying to run past.

Defensive Application

A couple of tips:

  • Sniper Towers increase in damage output as you upgrade them, but not in firing rate. This makes them weaker and weaker against swarms of Riflemen over time, as your opponent can bring more and more troops to the fight but you can still only shoot a single target at the same slow pace.
  • Space out your Sniper Towers. Their range is potent, so your opponent will likely try to engage them with Shock Bombs or sheer unit numbers rather than avoiding them. Stop this counter by making your defenses stronger against Gunboat tactics.
  • Place Flamethrowers and Mortars behind your Sniper Towers to give them natural cover and ward off enemy Zookas.
  • Unlike Cannons and Flamethrowers, it’s not critical to put Sniper Towers right next to your HQ. Instead, garrison them near your front lines. The sight of a well-upgraded Sniper Tower between HQ stage 1 through 6 can ward off many attackers by itself.

Get More In Depth!

Want to read more about this and other base defenses? Check out our Wiki !

Best of luck storming those beaches!

Thanks to Commander Ngoc Lee for his base submission! He has asked us to try attacking his base so we’ll give it a shot and give him some feedback!

Level 23 Base Attack Strategy

At First Glance:

The first thing that strikes me, aside from the Sniper Tower, is that the defenses are very spread out. Also there are only two Cannons that are in position to defend the HQ, which is great since they are usually the hardest to deal with when using Heavies, Tanks, or Warriors. While spreading your defenses can be good to avoid shock bombs from disabling groups of buildings and barrage splash damage, it also means each of the defenses are very vulnerable. This is because most of the time, only 1 or maybe 2 defenses will be able to attack.

Ideal Troop Composition:

  • Tank Squadron
  • Heavy/Zooka
Attack Strategy:

If I were attacking his base with Heavy/Zooka, I would land my troops on the left side and artillery the Cannon there. The Heavies would be able to easily tank the Machine Gun, Mortar, and Sniper Tower while the Zookas destroy them. I would then Flare them to the left side of the base near the woods to avoid the middle Cannon. They should be able to destroy the remaining Sniper Tower and Mortar before taking out the HQ.

This base is also very weak to Tanks as they will only have to fight one defense at a time due to their long range and the large spacing between the defenses. I would follow a similar path by flaring to the left woods, avoiding the middle cannon, and then attacking towards the HQ.

Both of these strategies also use very little energy, and the extra energy could go towards making it easier to destroy other important defenses like the high level sniper towers or healing the troops.

Recommended Base Improvements:

I would move your defenses closer together so that they overlap their area of attack – this way they can protect each other and multiple defenses will retaliate when they are attacked rather than getting picked off one-by-one.

I would also recommend moving the back-right cannon closer to your HQ, possibly beside it, as cannons are a very troublesome defense to deal with for many troop compositions, and a defense that can be avoided is as good as destroyed.

Hope that helps and best of luck!

Hey Commanders!

Welcome back to the one unit series, where feature the strengths and weaknesses of your Boom troops. We’re going back to boot camp this week, by turning our eye on the humbled Rifleman regiment. It’s a unit that everyone has experience using, but we’ll see if we can teach you a couple new tricks. Benefiting from both swarm tactics and the fact that they’re likely the first unit you’ll have upgraded, Riflemen are useful way into the long game.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach Zooka Strategy
Unlocked at HQ Level 1
Move Speed
Attack Range
Unit Size
Boom Beach Rifleman HQ Wiki Range

Riflemen, in Depth


  • Boom Beach heavily encourages you to use the Heavy – Riflemen combo at the start of the game, and for good reason – Sniper Towers can almost be ignored if you have a tank at the helm. What you’ll need to do is stagger the timing on your beach landings just a little so that the faster Riflemen don’t stumble into Mortars meant for your Heavies.
  • However, as soon as you unlock the Shock Bomb, we recommend you get rid of the Heavies in your party and run nothing but Riflemen . Each of your Landing Crafts will be able to host 8-9 soldiers, making for an intensely strong assault. You forgo your tanking defenders, but the additional firepower can quickly end opponents unprepared for a blitz push.
  • Prioritize your Shock Bombs on clusters of enemy defenses centered around a Flamethrower or Machine Gun. You’ll certainly take a licking from roving Snipers, but prevent bulk casualties.
  • See if you can use a single Artillery shot to make a narrow path for your troops through minefields- about a building’s width worth. You’ll save a lot more energy than using multiple Flares or Medkits.
  • Riflemen are best for bases where you can use Flares to sneak behind the trees to get past defenses – you’ll be less punished for messing up slightly and getting in range of that Sniper Tower – and have great DPS to take down the enemy HQ.

Fighting Against Riflemen

  • Fortunately, everyone has experience scrapping against Riflemen, and most of your defensive structures are balanced around their range and firepower. What you’ll want to watch out for are swarms of troops attacking with Shock Bomb or Medkit support.
  • Shock Bombs can be countered by staggering your Sniper towers – place Snipers about three squares away from your front-most Flamethrower or Machine Gun to get maximum coverage.
  • Always place a Mortar just behind your HQ – you’ll force your enemies to spend some energy to beat it, and it’s a tactic that’s useful against Warriors as well.
  • Space out your Mines to avoid getting taken out by a single well-placed Artillery shot.
  • And of course, place your Rocket Launcher at the back of your base to entirely stymie Riflemen assaults. But honestly, if you’ve unlocked them, you probably don’t need our help in getting rid of Riflemen :]

Field Testing in Action

As always, we’ll wrap up with some in-game footage featuring our spotlit unit. Here’s Boom Beach Bonanza showing the power of the Rifleman!

Hope these tactics win you many battles to come! Until next we meet on the battlefield.

Hey commanders! Welcome to the Journal, your field guide to the powerful and varied Boom Beach Arsenal. We turn it up this week with the Flamethrower, the devastating short range burst defense.

Key Characteristics

Boom Beach HQ Wiki Flamethrower
Unlocked at HQ Level 9
Attack Range
Boom Beach HQ Wiki HQ Flamethrower Range

Offensive Application

Flamethrowers start peppering your opponents’ bases soon after you’ve unlocked Warriors as a natural counter. They deal a lot of damage in the initial spray and cause your units to burn over time. The fiery parting gift makes them much more potent against swarms than similar garrisons such as Mortars.

How to fight against Mortars:

  • Flamethrowers are absolutely lethal against Riflemen and Warriors. The best strategy is non-conflict: avoid Flamethrowers if possible, even if it means walking into a stack of Sniper Towers. Thankfully, their short range will make this a much easier task.
  • When you absolutely must deal with one of these defenses head-on, such as in the case where it’s immediately next to the enemy HQ, use your Gunboat! Shock Bombs are a little more efficient for the energy cost, but don’t be afraid to bust out multiple Artillery shots.
  • Medkits can give your troops reprieve from the burning aftereffect, but not the direct spray – time your Medkit just ahead of your army so that your troops can heal while they walk to the next target.
  • Of course, all of this is moot if you’re fielding Tanks or Zookas. Their advanced range allow them to bombard Flamethrowers from afar with impunity.

Defensive Application

Flamethrowers unlock early and can be very powerful against initial opponents that rush with Heavies and Riflemen, forcing them to change their tactics entirely. Later on in the game, they’re excellent role-players, providing a good funnel for enemy troops that want to avoid their wrath and defending your HQ from Warriors.

A couple of tips:

  • Fortify your Headquarters with a Flamethrower, placing the defense on the side closest to the beach. This lets the flames reach all potential Warrior rushes, and ensuring if your enemy busts out a Shock Bomb, they’ll paralyze their Warriors as well.
  • Pair Flamethrowers with a Sniper Tower or two (spaced apart from each other) to give them some insurance against enemy Zookas.
  • Enemies focusing on your Flamethrowers with a huge swarm of Riflemen can win the fight with timely Medkits. Punish this strategy by putting Mortars just outside the burning range, allowing the bombs to hit the healing troops.
  • Flamethrowers are excellent buddies with Rocket Launchers. Because many opponents will try to sprint to the Rocket’s blind spot; make that a non-option by stationing a Flamethrower there. Your opponent will be forced to Shock Bomb or Artillery the defense, draining them of valuable energy that could be used on Flares and heals.

Get More In Depth!

Want to read more about this and other base defenses? Check out our Wiki !

Best of luck storming those beaches!

Shoutout to Commander Zynosaur for sending us his base!

Level 32 Base Defense Strategy

At First Glance:

Very strong front line and good spacing between buildings. Economy buildings also buy time for defenses and force attackers to use flares to concentrate on the right buildings. A large number of Flamethrowers also cover the HQ to stop Warrior rushes, and the base is placed at the back right corner costing attackers time and forcing them to trudge through the base or spend flares to navigate around it. The basics are covered well.

General Strategy:

The base has 2 Boom Cannons which can be difficult to deal with since most Gunboats will only have enough energy to destroy one of them. However, while the base has a strong front line, the defenses at the back are a bit lacking. Currently the majority of the defenses for the back portion of the base are the 2 Boom Cannons since all the other Cannons are near the front. If a column of Tanks were to be flared to furthest back edge of the base and the back Boom Cannon destroyed with Artillery, they would be able to move through the Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Tower, and Mortar – in that order – before hammering the HQ from out of range of the other defenses. Similar strategies might employ Heavy/Zooka or Heavy/Riflemen. Thus, I would recommend moving a Cannon or two closer to the HQ as they will also cover the back of the base.

The next topic is spacing and coverage. For example, the Boom Cannons are spaced very far apart from other defenses (presumably to avoid Barrage splash damage); however, this means if one of those Boom Cannons is destroyed, there will be a large gap in the defenses. I would shore this up by moving one of the Sniper Towers to near the back, moving the Boom Cannons so it fits between them (without touching). Even if there is splash damage on the tower, it will cover a lot of the space left vacant by the Boom Cannons if they are destroyed before the fighting starts. The Sniper Tower near the landing crafts might be the ideal candidate for this as currently it is only covering half its potential area.

Diversity is also important. While the front line is currently strong versus Tank and Heavy/Zooka lineups, there are not many ways to deal with massive numbers of troops like all Riflemen. The high level Mortar by the HQ for example might be better closer to the front line for this reason.

Final Thoughts: (TL;DR)

  1. Cover the back of your base by moving more defenses like Cannons and Sniper Towers there. They will also help deal with high health units.
  2. A Sniper Tower covering the Boom Cannons and the back of the base would be great.
  3. Diversify your front line defenses by moving the high level Mortar closer to deal with mass unit strategies like all Riflemen.

Hope that helps and best of luck!